Let me make one thing perfectly clear. 

"All interpretations are valid uwu" is a terribly nice idea, and one that, ‘author is dead" and all, has a certain amount of validity.

But the problem with that comes into play when you are more in love with that idea than the very real fact that unless queerness is absolutely and indisputably canonized within a text, it will always be considered invalid by mainstream audiences and the average consumer of the work.

That’s just how things are.

And we can talk about why that sucks all we want, but it is there.

Subtext doesn’t matter. Creators saying it after the fact doesn’t matter, or not enough. (If you don’t believe me, talk to my coworker who finished the Legend of Korra thinking ‘wow what great friends’, or Entertainment Weekly who just put Kirk/Spock and Xena/Gabrielle on a list of ‘Best Bromances and Gal-pals!”)

To the average person, that subtext was never there unless it was validated.

We cannot denial the imbalance that occurs, the cultural weight which is ALWAYS given in favour of the heterosexual interpretation.

Anything but text, outright text, robs queer people of representation, it takes the stories away from us and renders our hopes invalid while people mock us for being delusional and entitled for hoping at all.

Talk all you want about interpretations, but if you are not willing to acknowledge the reality of that situation, or you care more about head canons than the right of queer people to see themselves onscreen, if you won’t acknowledge the damage that queerbaiting does, or even the reality of it, or you want to shame queer people for demanding that stories make good on the hope they handed us…

Consider your priorities.


Submitted for Swan Queen Week, January 2015, Day 4: Canon Divergence AU


Henry Mills is sick and tired of his mothers skating around the truth and and not realizing that they are perfect for each other and that they belong together.  So he has a plan and convinces his grandmother to help.

The story takes place post 4a and Robin and Marian had never left. The story starts out with mild Outlaw Queen but there is NO KISSING and NO SEX, so no worries!  THIS is a Swan Queen story with major Swan Queen feels already in the first chapter! 


”Grandma, I need your help.”

“Henry, I don’t think we should be… doing this.  What you’re thinking about doing is… crazy!” Mary Margaret replied as she tested the temperature of Neal’s breakfast.

“But you said you see it too!”  Henry threw his hands up in frustration.  “And look, Ma has been so weird lately.”

Mary Margaret sighed as she picked up Baby Neal and sat in the rocker.  “Henry, you know all this could backfire.”  She shook her head and placed the nipple of the baby bottle into Neal’s mouth.

“Maybe, but we have to try!”  Henry walked over and sat in front of his grandmother.  “Look me in the eye and tell me you think Robin is my mom’s true love and I will give this up.”

The short haired grandmother of the 13 year old, who only looked about 30, opened her mouth and then shut it again.  “He is her soul mate.”

“That’s not what I said.  Tell me you think my mom belongs with that guy and I’ll drop this.  Tell me that you think she loves him more than anyone else.”

Mary Margaret’s shoulders slumped and she rolled her eyes heavenward while shaking her head.

“Something tells me I’m going to regret this.”  Mary Margaret relented.  “Tell me your plan.”


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I started working slowly on this story after I had completed "About Last Night".  I am pretty proud of it.

I believe this to definitely be Canon Divergent. but I question the whole AU part of it (I’m a little confused about that). Anyway, if I’m wrong and this does not follow the category, sorry about that and I hope you enjoy the story anyway. :)

[having just read a long thing about queer-baiting in Supernatural that came up on my dash, even though I have never watched Supernatural in my life and only have a remote idea what it’s about/who the characters are] do you realize how this issue of queer-baiting in popular media stems from sexism as well as homophobia? The most prominent instances of queer-baiting are all concerning two male characters, I can’t even think of an example with female characters, because there is such an unwillingness to include female leads. And so most of these things always star men, with women as secondary characters if anything. Occasionally something like Elementary or Sleepy Hollow will come along where a man and woman share the lead (even rarer to have more than one prominent woman) but you get all these things like Supernatural, Sherlock, Hannibal where it’s heavily centered on men and women are marginalized and killed off and insulted. There’s a refusal to give women prominence and flesh them out to have dynamic emotional relationships with other characters and so all the emotion and drama in the show happens between the men. It gets exceedingly intense and drawn out as the show builds up, the show needs the drama, it needs to make people emotional about these characters and so it goes into that territory where it blatantly stops resembling any kind of realistic platonic relationship, but it’ll stop short of actual queer characters because of the homophobia that’s there and the lack of any kind of intent for queer representation. The same goes for film; does anyone even try to pretend Erik and Charles in X-Men: First Class and DoFP are actually straight? It’s so. blatant. And the thing is, these kinds of supposedly platonic intense burning relationships we see all the time between male characters are actually a lot closer to real-life friendships between women. Without trying to be stereotypical, women, in friendship, really do tend to be closer, more attached, more involved, have more emotional bonds with one another than men do. But television and film is rarely concerned with exploring that bond between women. It wants to have women in the background to be fridged or catcalled or screwed, keep men in the spotlight, build things up between them because the show needs the emotion, go for the queer-baiting insofar as it adds drama and reels in viewers, but never go beyond that. 

(graphic via racialicious)

Remember the Bait and Switch that happened in Heroes? Remember how people were really excited to have a diverse cast that were active in the storyline? Then season after season the number of people of colour were removed from the cast one by one until  the last Season there were only 3 POC in the main cast

This is not the first time this happened, people are just noticing these things quicker and speaking up when they see the early stages of it like Sleepy Hollow.

  • Introduction of more white characters than poc characters
  • main characters of colour have screen time reduced.
  • co-lead of colour are there to help push the white characters plot further while their plot are depicted as lesser
  • characters of colour dying and or disappearing without further mention in the story line (where in the world is Luke? Abbie’s ex)

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When you see "feminists" that still don't realize that "meninism" is a joke at their expense.

@ the makorras going “I WISH MAKORRA HAD BEEN ENDGAME INSTEAD OF KORRASAMI!!!” like… you really, honestly wish your run-of-the-mill straight ship had been endgame canon instead of nickelodeon’s first ever official queer couple???? first ever???? oooh my god y’all so selfish. the heterosexual agenda will truly never cease, will it.