Leo teasing us during the Milky Way Showcase Encore in Paris
  • N :*Speaking about solo* Leo-ssi, what did you prepared ? You can't tell us that it's a secret !
  • Leo :This is a secret.
  • N :He said that it's a secret. You are curious right ? What did you prepared ?
  • Leo :Are you curious ?
  • Leo :It's a secret...*laugh*
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VIXX Leo’s sweet and precious voice compilation.
Just because I love his voice, he is so calm and adorable. There is no video like that, so I made one for Leo’s fans ~~ Hope you will like it !!

N said : "I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm so thankful that so many fans came. Our fans are called STARLIGHTS, and if you connect all the fans all over the world, you become a galaxy. So we titled our showcase 'Milky Way'."

I’m crying again….OMG ! VIXX, you really changed my life, I love you so much ♥
In my life, there is one thing that I’m really proud about, and its “Being a Starlight”. VIXX are really amazing and I truly don’t know what to do to send back the love they give us T_T !

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Leo's speech for the last Episode of VIXX TV...
  • Leo :In comparaison to other members, I don't talk much and express much either. So for me...VIXX TV is quite...It become my mouth and a way to speak. And also, it was a place where I could communicate with Starlight...Because it's the last episode...I'm sad. There were so many events and many episodes. Although VIXX TV ends, VIXX is just the beginning...Thank you for loving VIXX TV in the meantime. I hope you to be with VIXX in the future. Thank you.
  • Me :*Crying* That's why it's hurt me even more..........
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[Fancam] 140430 B.A.P LOE Paris (eng, french sub)



How to troll fan, lesson by L.Joe ~~

Lesson 1 : Make a first chatroom for 20 people, name it : ByungHoneyHoneyHoneyHoneyHoney.

Lesson 2 : Leave this chatroom and make a new one for 50 people, name it : “ByungHoneyHoneyHoney here too”

Lesson 3 : Leave this chatroom again and make a new one for 100 people, name it “ByungHoneyHoneyHoney here here here”

And you, Angel, forever clicking on “입장”, and forever receive “The chatroom is full” HAHAHAHAHAH….

[TRANS] @CHA_NNNNN: Malaysia, Osaka, Tokyo, Sweden, Italy, Dallas, LA.. And also at Korea. Thanks to my Starlights who have been anticipating all these while, the showcase ended well!!! Thank you a lot, and also because I feel so touched, down to the second, I won’t, and I can’t forget it!! Let’s meet at Korea!!@.@!!!! Narase~

[Original] @CHA_NNNNN: 말레이시아,오사카,도쿄,스웨덴,이탈리아,델라스,LA.. 그리고 한국에서 오랫동안 우리를 기다려 준 내별빛님들 덕분에 쇼케이스를 잘 마쳤습니닭!!! 너무 고맙고 매순간 감동을 주셔서 절대 잊지 못할거에요!! 한국에서 만나용!!@.@!!!! 나라세~

Translated by : @mikaissolame @ WITHVIXX.com
Tweet : https://twitter.com/CHA_NNNNN/status/399950123251146752
Source : N’s Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/CHA_NNNNN)


I cried….N, I will never forget you too, and VIXX members !! The show in Italy was amazing, thank you so much !! And don’t forget, France love you too ♥ !!!