141221 SKE48 Team KII Leader Furukawa Airi's Birthday Stage [2]


Abiru Riho Official Blog 2014.12.21 23:02
♪ Kll×2


Good evening(*´д`*)!

Today was
Team KII stage performance…☆
Everyone, thank you very much♪

The first one and also the 2nd one
It was really exciting(ノ)ω(ヾ)!!!
The 2nd show was
the seitansai of everyone’s beloved Admiral Furukawa…>_<…

Once more time.
Happy Birthday☆☆☆☆☆☆

Just as what I said during the introduction MC,
Airin really won’t get angry
She really tolerant.

Doesn’t side anyone
Gives equal to everyone
The works given to her are always done quickly.
Airin is someone who doesn’t really spit out complaints
So I’ve been wondering if she always keep it to herself 
When I sometimes ask her “Are you alright?”
Airin answers while laughing, saying, “I’m alright dayo~” 

、、、She really is amazing, isn’t she?( ; _ ; )!

It’s a pride to be in the same team as Airin
I’ve always felt that it’s nice that there’s Airin in the same generation as me(*´д`*)

Thank you for always listening to my story!…>_<…
I also wish to be able to, even just a little, become Airin’s power.

Good night.

riho ♪


Mizuno Honoka Official Blog 2014.12.21 23:09
2 Shows Performance(●・●・●)


hello everyone〜

The 2 shows performance has ended! 
Just until yesterday I thought that there are still 3 shows left,
And finally it has become only 1 last show left(´;ω;`)

And today there was Airi-san’s Seitansai!♪

In the early days when I entered SKE
「COMPLETE」was released,
When you remove the cover and open it, there are the portraits of all the members w(?o?)w

I was wondering with anxiety, searching for my portrait.
When I found it,
I became really happy, feeling that I’m one of the fellows in SKE

At that time, the pictures Airi-san drew was really simple ones, yet she really grabbed every features of all of the members, I was surprised w(?o?)w

I’ve thought that Airi-san who observes everyone usually, is really amazing(*^^*)

Me in「COMPLETE」was really cute and had a gentle feeling. 
Everyone’s legs were opened and there were those whose hands moved around, but mine had the feet aligned with an upright and immobile posture.

That time I haven’t yet to imitate a newborn fawn and such, so I had a quiet image back then(^o^;)lol

After that, I was really happy when she drew me a portrait on my birthday♪

Thank you for the cute portraits all this time(о´∀`о)

From now on too, please keep drawing a lot of portraits with the affection of everyone’s happy feelings! 

Airi-san Happy Birthday~♪



Ego Yuna Official Blog 2014.12.21 23:31


Good eveningヽ(=´▽`=)?

Today, was KII stage performance♪

2 shows performance after a while!!!

In the evening show, there was Airi-san’s Seitansai(*^^*)

Airi-san is really kind,
Well Riho-san also talked about it during the Introduction MC,
I’ve never seen Airi-san’s angry figure! 

I’ve been admiring Airi-san’s good personality…(>_<)

Airi-san was also allowed to speak in her seitansai speech,  

I love KII so much as well, it really is happiness to do a stage performance together with everyone!  

The performance today was so much fun(*^^*)

Airi-san, once more, happy birthday♪

Hope this will be a wonderful year for Airi-san♪



Yamada Mizuho Official Blog 2014.12.21 23:59


Good evening-pyon(*´ー`*)

Today was K2’s 2 shows performance♪

In the evening show there was Airi-san’s seitansaiiii(*´・ω・)

As fellow AB-blooded with Airi-san
There are quite some things where I think that we fit well… lol

Airi-san who’s so kind, perverted, and funny

I’ve never seen her get angry
She’s so kind that I’m surprised(°_°)(°_°)

Her singing and dancing are good too
Her MC partition is just so good just as I want to become her apprentice 

And she’s good at drawing(o^^o)

I love Airi-san so much♪♪

I’ll follow the leader!!!

Hope this will be a wonderful year for Airi-san

To everyone who has supported,
Thank you very much

Then everyone
Good night zzz



Arai Yuki Official Blog 2014.12.21 23:53


Good evening( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Arai Yuki here♪♪

Today was Airi-san’s Seitansai in K2 stage performance♪

The letter was from Airi-san’s parents! 
It was a wonderful letter, I was moved(>_<)

Airi-san is always so kind to anyone, she’s so funny, a wonderful person. 

I really admire her☆

Yuki also wants to become a wonderful person just like Airi-san*\(^o^)/*

From Yuki