VIOLENT SONS is a new hardcore band from Providence, RI and they feature Sean Murphy from Verse and What Feeds The Fire on vocals. They just posted their first song and it’s pretty cool. Check it out below.

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So this interview has been a long time coming and honestly a goal of mine for quite some time. Verse has always been one of my favorite, yet motivational bands for me and has always meant a lot to me… as I am a sucker for melodic hardcore. I was able to take a few hours in hanging out with these dudes after their show out in Pomona, California this past August and got to interview them on many aspects of the band, as well as clear the air with some topics people have arose with them since their breakup in 2009. Many people have formed their own views on this band due to their state of no longer being a straight edge band, but nevertheless their music has not taken a huge turn. Straight edge or not, we still back this band to the fullest. Eric and Sean were some of the funniest and outgoing dudes we have interviewed by far, as we had a great time hanging out for those few hours. Be sure to pickup their new LP “Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace” off Bridge Nine Records and buy some merch at an upcoming show in support of these guys! 





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