Ser and Estar

These are two of the most important verbs and they both mean to be. Unfortunately, they are quite complex. This post is going to outline the basics of verb and estar, it isn’t go to delve too deep into them.

First, the present conjugations are needed. They are irregular verbs:

There is an acronym for the basic use of each verb:


Description – el libro es azul (the book is blue)
Occupation – somos médicos (we are doctors)
Characteristics – soy perezoso ­(I am lazy)
Time – son las ocho (it is 8 o’clock)
Origin – sois de Londres (you all are from London)
Relationship/Posession – tú eres mi primo (you are my cousin)

Estar – PLACE

Position – estamos sentados (we are seated)
Location – la pluma está en el piso (the pen is on the floor)
Action – estoy leyendo (I am reading)
Condition – tú estás enferma (you are ill)
Emotion – ellas están cansadas (they (females) are tired)

The basic use of ser and estar can be condensed into this:

ser = permanent
el espejo es rojo – the mirror is permanently red

estar = in a state of/temporary
el espejo está en el dormitorio – it is temporarily in the bedroom - it could change

Here are a couple of links that talk more about ser and estar:




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