Top 6 things that annoy me the most about people

6. Right wingers: You know? the usual, i.e. neocons, conservatives, racists, reactionaries. People with below average intelligence. This is something scientifically proven. For people like this, equality is something utopic. What if we ever listened to them and, for instance, had always stuck to the thought that equality of races and emancipation of women are “utopic”? Because of people like this, humans are still barbaric. If we had always listened to them we would still be living in caves.

5. Ignorance: When people assume things about you, without knowing you. In a discussion, for instance, they tend to recur to argumentum ad hominem without sticking to the subject in discussion. Or people who ignore all about politics, like for instance, where the price of bread comes from. I just find it plain evil. There’s no such evil vs. stupid dilemma here, they’re either just ignorant or very stupid and the worst thing is, that they call you intolerant if you don’t accept their alleged point of view, especially if they are racists. Since when must we tolerate intolerants?

4. Hypocrites: People who assume to take “objective” positions like neutrals, apolitical, the politically ignorant, because you can’t be neutral in a moving train. In this regard, I prefer openly declared rightwingers.  People who assume they are neutral, are not acknowledging that our system follows an ideology, it is a moving train going in a direction and we are all inside it, ignoring its vices is just cooperating with it. These people are just downright hypocritical or, again, very stupid and ignorant.

3. Younger people who think they know better than you: Yeah, pretentious little twirps who come just straight out of highschool or have barely started college who think they know so much better than everyone else by reading a couple of books. The fact is, they first think about something, but you have given the same topic thought 40 times before they even came up with it. There’s some sheer arrogance and absurdity in people like that.

2. Analness: That’s right, anal people such as cleanliness and spelling nazis, people who make you feel you don’t really even like your favorite band, because they know even the farts they made live.

1. Hipsters, Fanboys, and Sheeple: People who lack personal criteria and are not free-thinkers, they only go with the flow and in masses, they are dangerous. They usually just go with what the others regard as “hip” or “cool”, without even depositing one gram of thought into it. They tend to follow a leader and act like fanboys when you dare criticize their idol. They tend to follow trends without even considering what they consist in.

People on my FB newsfeed are still sharing bullshit that says Michael Brown robbed the store and was high during the “confrontation” with the pig who shot the poor guy. I know for a fact that guy hypocritically sharing that nonsense was a stoner throughout high school.

Oh and there’s some other narrative that a dead soldier’s funeral was on the same day as Michael’s and that there was too much attention on making Michael a national hero so no one paid attention to the dead soldier and so we’re an ungrateful society. There’s also another narrative going around about how it’s not a race thing and the liberal media is biased because an unarmed white guy in Utah was killed by a by a black cop and no one protested it.

Keep in mind that the same kind of people sharing this crap are also believing stories about how the cartels and ISIS are teaming up to sneak terrorists in with immigrants and that letting more Muslims into the country will bring Sharia law to the land and that Obama is a bad president because he’s Muslim and not all the deaths in Africa and South Asia he’s responsible for and what not.

P.S. They’re all white…

Romney is God in some book somewhere

So it turns out I should be a republican. I consider myself peerless when it comes to misanthropy. My realization that the conservatives and right-wingers that make up the republican party have institutionalized misanthropic policy has therefore caused me to reexamine my affiliations and voting history. What else have I been wrong about? My disgust with U.S. foreign policy and military campaigns seems like a no-brainer now. I totally had it wrong.

You see, I think the world will be much better sans-human. The air will clear, the seas will filter and the concrete and steel will be replaced by trees and dirt. How is that going to happen if we love and care for one another like some crunchy liberal would condone. If we follow liberal policies of using the law-making power of government to look after people’s well-being, our population could stabilize and go on forever! Who the hell wants that! Instead the republican party has wisely chosen to emphasize the power of private property acquisition and retention and the conquest of ceaseless war. By focusing on our stuff, we can ignore that ridiculous liberal notion that we are all somehow connected, in this together…..brothers even.

The alignment of the religious right with the republican party is a genius that defies my ability to comprehend the allegory of religious thought. Perhaps Jesus had his fingers crossed, on the cross, behind his back somehow in spite of the nails. When he said all that about loving one another being the only thing we really needed to know, and that part about giving ALL you have to the poor, I mean, how could that not have been code for a mandate to dominate and subjugate? Maybe we need to pay more attention to what he didn’t actually say, or what some one heard some one else say about what he said. That should do it.

From now on, I am voting republican because I may as well have nice stuff while I wait to go right on up to heaven.

Rightwingers are so cute when their heads explode...

I thought I’d wander over to Free Republic, a far right site that specializes in hyperbole, vitriol, macho posturing, and poor spelling. I was sure I would find some choice comments today, in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling, and I was not disappointed.

I can’t decide what I like best—their sudden, collective expertise in Constitutional law? Their bellowing threats against the government, couched vaguely enough to keep the FBI at bay? Their high-falutin’ references to beloved historical figures such as John Paul Jones, James Madison, and Sarah Palin? Ooh, it’s just all so good!

I preserved a few of their best comments for the sake of posterity:

From flightdeck: “Anybody who does not vote against Obama is now officially an enemy of the United States.”

From vendome

"I loathe and literally hate my government.

There is no reason to hang the flag of the Red, White and Blue.

It’s Gadsen from now on.”

From 1L: “I can take care of myself and my loved ones, and frankly, that’s ALL I am going to do. The rest of America can go straight to hell.”

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(TPM) Senate Democrats are elevating Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to a new leadership position on Thursday. She will help shape policy and messaging for the party.

Nothing like low turnout leading to crushing defeat to make a party realize it needs its base — and few appeal to the dem base better than Elizabeth Warren. If there are Democrats who are more interested in attracting conservative voters than liberal voters, they should change parties. Given a choice between a conservative Democrat and a conservative Republican, rightwingers will choose the Republican every time. Given the same choice, liberals won’t care and stay home.

To paraphrase Howard Dean, Democrats need to pay attention to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

princess--of--glitter asked:

Hi! I really love your account and I would like to follow some other Republican accounts on here, so do you have any that you can recommend? I would enjoy seeing some more conservative accounts to moderate all of the liberals on my feed. Thanks! Xo

Thank you! 

  • runningrepublican
  • redbloodedamerica

  • rightwinged

  • Communism kills

Ha ha ha! This is posted by strong supporters of the #kkk #rightwinged #conservatives #republican #veteran #racist #homophobic #bigots who are nothing but violent bullies hiding behind others and completely ignore the fact that NO OTHER COUNTRY that I’m aware of has invaded more countries, killed more women, children, destroyed more land, water, air, plant and animal life, robbed mineral resources than the United States of America Corporation World Police for her Majesty the Queen of England ha ha! But yeah let’s keep imprisoning and attacking blacks and Mexicans… #redneck #religion #christ #christian #jesus #faith #atheist


said: why why would you fucking take it off so help me lord of tacos you keep that thing on, dun make me find you! my bro was a rugby rightwinger or whatever and broke his fucking thumbs all the time it took weeks to heal not days.

(( I snorted really hard seeing this oh goodness, AND I WORSHIP THE TACO SO HUSH! Tacos are all, tacos are glory, they are delicious. Anyway, I promise I won’t take it off except to let the hand breath and relax. I will keep it on most of the time, dont worry. ))

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I look forward to the day when one of your nigger pets culturally enriches you.

The person all you rightwingers are defending. Scratch a ‘bagger, find a racist.

Hey y'all

I promised I would give y’all a list of all the political blogs I follow so here it is.
Obviously there are more but these are the only ones that I could think of off the top of my head. xox

My best friend is a pen
Remember back then I used to be Zen
Plastic Barbie, Hollywood fake Ken
Big sandbox, gotta stop the playpen, puns

Redwood tile
Johnny Ray Sunshine, five mile smile
It’s the motherfuckin’ True Mind of a Child
Trash talk mass, just add with the pile, junkyard

Like a Virgin, you’re tight?
I’ll be on the Eastbitch, you’ll be on the Westdyke
Like up a room, flamethrower, ignite
My love, my hate, only you I despise, Connie

Please Kill Me
Rightwinged punk in a Right Brain Sea
Open Up my veins and see me Bleed
I’m a banana, Peel Slowly and See
Getting so bored, need my MP3
16 Preg, Want My MTV
Slant poetry, all the words I spoke
Visionary in the scene, anus, also

It’s just the way it goes
—  An excerpt from my song, “Charlie”.

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"the UN and Amnesty are wrong on almost everything" LOL wow, do they sound like your everyday-american-rightwinger. they're probs just pissed that amnesty and the UN are calling the US out on its shit, especially with its current treatment of the ferguson protestors. because only scary non-western countries have terrorists, or suppress public dissent (this statement does not apply when obama does or says anything, because he's part of the vast conspiracy to destroy pure white america).

I know…

This whole debate was so painful yet hilarious to watch I mean, he keeps saying “NO I AM NOT A BIBLE BEATING REDNECK” and then he acts like one over and over and OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

I’ve ran out of words to describe people like this, I mean, this goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond brainwashed…this is just out of the english language’s range…

I’ll just call him a pendejo, that’ll do.