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Is it too late to get a #rightsidestrongside sticker from you?!

NOPE! I am working on cutting and getting the first batch of them mailed out, there were a shit ton so it will probably be tomorrow when I get them out, but you can message me anytime and still buy one!

Thanks to everyone who has bought one, several you even threw in a few extra bucks to help me out, and I GREATLY appreciate it, thank you!! You guys are awesome, if only kriegs could see how many people have wanted one!

50 day countdown to London challenge

Day 41: Picture/Photo that spent the longest time as your wallpaper on desktop.

This is an easy one, this had been my wallpaper since it first hit tumblr some months ago (before I even joined tumblr & this pic basically gave me my URL.) I have changed it after the recent USWNT match v. China.

I have two computers, an iMac & a Macbook. On my iMac it had been this wallpaper for months.

(Sorry I can’t remember the original uploader, but credit to them.)

My wallpaper still would’ve been the same but I recently noticed during the womens China game that when I made the game full screen I could still see the words “Right side Strong side” in the grass on the sides of the screen lol so now it’s Abby in the new uni.

On my laptop my wallpaper changes all the time. Right now it’s this recent Hope pic because… Hope + Swag = OTP.


(picture credit to regretnothingforever)