hi guys, maybe I should try to talk more here. does anyone have any questions you wanna ask? have you looked at dr. schrader lately?

he is pretty cute right?? I think it’s the nose and polka-dot tie that do it…. 

I’ve been trying to think about what he should have done to open the box just as a precaution for handling dangerous ancient relics, like use a long stick to flip the lid, or attach a string to the lid and roll the string out under the door and pull on it from outside and then peek through a crack in the door to see if the Death Box unleashed anything. but the gas is probably so strong it would still knock him out and plus, look at those determined eyebrows. no one can stop him from sticking his whole face in the box if he feels like it.

so what’s up

your favorite is problematic: chuggaaconroy
  • he still hasnt given me tons of money
  • he did not release those extra okami episodes and it is the year 2015
  • once gave a sweet innocent canadian a black eye
  • still hasnt given me a wii u
  • who gave him the right to be really cute??? 
  • said he didnt like kirby yet his cat is named kirby are you trying to hide something