anonymous said:

how do you feel about the Morby ship?

MMMMMMMMMH Like always I just see them as bros??? I don’t see the romantic/sexual/whatever tension between them but then again I understand where people are coming from with the ship lmao HAVE YOU SEEN HOW RIGBY REALLY LOVES LOVES LOVES HIS BRO???? 


WHAT A SWEETHEART :’( I really like Rigby when he’s not being a gigantic fucktard 

Tsundere Rigby xD

Rigby: N-No es como que me gustes, ni nada … callate

Hice el boceto de este pic hace mucho xD pero recién hoy lo edito :B Rigby es tan tsundere (????) asdasdasdasdasdasd xDDDDDDD obvio se lo dice a Eileen uwu … ooow Rigby ♥ algún día serás capaz de expresar tus sentimientos ;//u//; (???) espero que les guste.

I made the sketch of this pic since many time ago xD but I just edited today :B Rigby is so tsundere (????) asdasdasdasdasdasd xDDDDDDD obvious, he’s telling this to Eileen uwu …. ooow Rigby ♥ someday you will be able to express your feelings  ;//u//; (???) I hope you like it

thehobbitangel said:

Rigby and Eileen

  • makes the bed in the mornings - Eileen
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote - I think they’d both take turns
  • is the bigger cuddler - At first, it would be Eileen, but it would actually be Rigby
  • does the laundry - Eileen since she’s more into domestic activities around the house and she wants to keep her Rigbone happy
  • mows the lawn - Rigby since Eileen doesn’t know how to
  • shops for groceries - They would get into an argument over this, but I think they would learn to compromise with their dietary needs and they would learn to blend their diets beneficially 
  • comes home drunk at 3am - Rigby, no doubt (I don’t think Eileen would be the partying type)
  • makes breakfast - Eileen
  • remembers to feed the fish - Eileen
  • decorates the apartment - Both
  • initiates duets - Rigby because Eileen would be SO shy about singing
  • falls asleep first - Rigby

rinnysega said:

That there regular show

— W —

- rigboner

- (guy) thomas

- skeeps

- beenteen

- grandpops

(i’d include mordicocia but he’s been really :/ lately in the show. oh well, at least i have my idealized/fanon version of him that i ship with rigb eheh)