I love this necklace that i got from Foymall. it is truly a gorgeous necklace.


this necklace is not expensive but high quality. the colors are so vibrant and looks fabulous, great statement piece!



This necklace was exactly what I expected. It looked just like the necklace in the picture. it is heavy, but that is a good thing. doesn’t feel cheap at all. It was packaged safely and is in perfect condition. the quality is even better than I was expecting. Very happy! you can find the necklace here

I also got a few beautiful bracelets. The bracelets are perfect! especially the beads with the gold! So pretty! I love them <3



I need to say that the quality of beads are great for the price. Elastic band also seems sturdy and feels like it could last.


you can find the bracelets here

Overall, These jewelry are great! I was worried they wouldn’t look like the picture but they did. Very happy with my order! I’m absolutely satisfied.

Go check out the store Foymall to find more beautiful pieces at great prices :)

Vintage Floral


Fall is almost here and I just can’t wait! Except for the cold.  


Alright, so I got this vintage rhombic knitted sweater from Foymall. I just love this sweater. It’s so thick that I don’t need to put a jacket on when I’m wearing this and I just love its simple design! This sweater is a 10/10.

(Floral dress from Forever 21, white elegant purse from Dresslink, knitted sweater from Foymall


Yay for my frappucino java chip! Haha.


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Oh and before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving, guys! 

Hope you like it! ♥


New In (Romwe, Udobuy, Foymall, & Dresslink)

Aberration top from romwe - I have this weird “number on shirt” addiction! Blame exo.


 Haha! But really, they were the ones who influenced me to get shirts similar to this (wolf era) and more on the boyish side. Usually, I’ll get a dainty styled top or anything but now I find myself looking for numbers whenever I check sites haha! I hope this addiction can stop. Please odg. 


Heart printed shorts from udobuy - Been lusting over this pair for months! Every time I try to get it, something from udobuy distracts me and I get the other one instead so I told myself that I’m really going to buy this on that purchase, and so I did haha. I like the retro vintage vibe it gives me. And who could resist the pretty print? 



Bow Socks from Little Emily Shop  - Wore a pair here! 

This post was drafted weeeeeeeeeeeeeks ago and another set of clothes arrived tadaaaa a longer new in post for you guys. 



83 Shirt from dresslink - Told ya I’m inlove with anything jersey looking!!! Who can resist the neon spikes? The color of the 83 kind of faded but I’ll just diy it and turn 83 to 88 if I can haha! I hope I can get a neon green fabric paint s.o.o.n!!!!!!

Cap from SM Dept. Store - Err, I’m trying to save but I saw this cap!!! Plan = ruined. Anyways, this will match my latest acquisitions hahaha okay I’m trying to convince myself that I chose the right path harhar.

Gingham Printed Overalls from dresslink - Liking this print out of the blueee!! Well flashes of style somehow influenced me but what is there to be sad about? It makes me look like my age more! 

Floral Pants from foymall - First ever pants that I ordered online! I’m so happy that it fits me, I honestly thought it won’t haha. I think the print is not at its best state in these pictures but these photos do not give give any justice! It’s a pretty pair of pants and it speaks spring, my fave season!

Gray socks from dresslink - MASTER HAS GIVEN DOBBY A SOCK!!!!!!!! Kidding! I think gray socks are versatile and I already have one outfit in my mind. Please, god, allow me to shoot for it asap! :) hehe

Tiny necklaces from dresslink - I should be writing about how happy I am because I was able to get all the charms that I want but because I’m such a klutz………….. I ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT 2 MASKS. 


 odg haha! On a brighter note, I’ll be giving the other one awaaaaaaaaay! Drum rolls! I’ll hold a beauty giveaway this october and I’ll be including the other necklace para matchy matchy tayo! 


Please do join the giveaway! The mechanics will be so easyyyyy! I’m planning to post it around my sembreak.

Wolf Shirt from night - I was supposed to receive this the day after my birthday (July 28) during the first kfest but because there was a stampede or something my friend’s friend wasn’t able to claim it!!! So we decided to get it on the 2nd kfest but the seller and my friend’s friend (lol) didn’t see each other lol. I honestly thought that I got scammed already because it took around 2 months for everything to be processed! 


 I’m really relieved that I wasn’t!!!!! Thankfully it was worth the wait!! Hihi no bias name in front because I can’t choose one. :-( kidding my bias is luhan but i don’t want to put his name in front to avoid looking so fangirl-ishhhhhhh. It has a double purpose!!! Fasyown + fangirl = fashion fangirl *winks*! 

Watermelon bag from romwe - Based from some pictures I saw during the different fashion week photos, I think fruits are gonna be in this season???????????? I hope I’m right!! But even though I’m not (lol) who cares this watermelon bag is cute and I DONT CARE I LOVE IT! Haha! It’s transparent and I’m looking for a small red pouch to make it look cuter when I put things inside na. :)

Which one is your fave? This one’s pretty long! I’m really thankful if you’re still reading up to this part. <3 

Just a random note: I think I love writing. I’m not a good writer and I can’t even express myself using the proper words, I can’t weave words together and make it really beautiful but I enjoy doing this. I was so down a while ago, (before I wrote this post) I was so tired of everything because of confusions but I felt really great when I reached this part. It changed my mood and I’m grateful for that. 

I’m confused and drained but now I’m back and fighting. Bipolar you say? I don’t know, but thank you God for suddenly giving me the Holy Spirit to help me be focused once again through this new in post (lol) but yeah A BIG FIGHTING FOR USSSSS. <3

Dreaming and praying for a better day!



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Baby's Breath

Sembreak outfit! Super delayed post. This one’s the only outfit that I was able to shoot during the sembreak because I was stuck at home for the whole week. Staying at home was great! Nothing can beat lazy days and crying over dramas *cough* The Heirs *cough*!! 

While everyone’s in their fall and winter outfits, I’m here wearing something for spring haha! 


Cute graphics! Originally, I wanted to have pictures taken at UP once again ‘cause we always pass by this area whenever we visit our province. It’s a bit hard to take pictures there so dad told me to have pictures taken at UP Town Center instead. I can’t find any good backdrops in there so I walked, walked, and walked, until I reached a part of UP. Is this fate? Hahaha! Wait but is that really a part of UP? The guard said it is so we can safely say he’s right? Too much blabbering //cries.

We were already running late and the sun was already setting! It was around 4:50 that time. Thankfully, the sun cooperated! 

Sorry for the ugly toenails!! Mehehee. I matched my outfit with these pastel shoes! Tbh, I still find it hard to pair these with pieces but I guess that’s the consequence of getting cute shoes, err? I won’t let it stop me though! This pair is comfy too. I wore it the whole day and boy no pain at all! It was soft and it added extra inches to my little height haha! I Fashion and function check! 

(G2000 top, Foymall pants, Fashion71 shoes)

I look older with my outfit, haha! I guess that’s really my style, meeeeeh. I think this one’s a simple look turned into something dressy because of my floral pants from foymall and my heels from fashion71. This would look so casual if I wore a pair of denim pants and flats, right? 

"In the next world, if you were to be reborn as a beautiful rose, I would like to be reborn as a humble Baby’s Breath flower. Although I may not look like much in your presence, I would like to be reborn as a Baby’s Breath flower, so your beauty may grown, and you can be loved." [source]

Share what you think! Comment down below. :)




Finally it’s winter.This awesome shirt you can wear any time and it’s perfect for cold days under cute black sweater.Casual outfit for going out with friends or even boyfriend.I paired with this beautiful necklace.This beautiful dots are made for this cold weather and it’s always chic.Simple shirt and you have perfect combination.

Foymall is a China company based latest online street fashion store offer the latest style of fashion. It was too hard for me to choose as they have a huge range of fashion . After looking around I ended up with this pretty shirt.

They have many discounts and cheap clothes. http://www.foymall.com/daily_new.html Check out daily new collection.

My favorite http://www.foymall.com/hot_sale.html

Shirt: foymall




Don’t miss!!!!! http://www.foymall.com/15-apparel-cardigans-jumpers-online-store

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact service@foymall.com