Enneagram Tri-Type

Your trifix is 4w5, 6w5, 1w9.

In enneagram theory, you have one type for how you relate to the world (either 8, 9, or 1), one type for how you think (5, 6, 7) and one type for how you see yourself (2, 3, 4.) Your tri-fix contains one number from each of these triads. They are listed in the order of how strongly they present in your personality. 

Your core type (your strongest type) is Type 4 with a 5 wing: Type Four individuals are intensely emotionally aware, and often retreat to their rich inner world of concepts and ideas. They are the most artistic type in the Enneagram and driven to create their own, unique identity. Type Fours value authenticity highly and express themselves whenever they can. They are one of the most individualistic types in the Enneagram. Type Fours, when in a state of growth, become principled like Type Ones. When stressed, Type Fours can become clingy like an unhealthy Type Two. You are a Type Four with a Five wing, which means that the individualist nature of a Four combines with the cerebral nature of a Five to make you one of the most creative types in the Enneagram.

Your second type (your next strongest type) is Type 6 with a 5 wing:Type Six individuals are reliable, committed, and security-oriented. They are natural troubleshooters, and are always aware of potential problems. This makes the Type Six anxious, but the anxiety fuels them to resolve their problems. They can range from loyal to rebellious, depending on where they get their security from – if the security is from within, they can be very defiant… if it comes from others, they can be very cooperative and devoted. When a Type Six is in a growth state, they become calm like a Type Nine. When they are stressed, they can become arrogant like an unhealthy Type Three. You are a Type Six with a Five wing, which means that the committed nature of the Six combines with the cerebral nature of the Type Five. As a result, you often excel at concrete thinking and troubleshooting.

Your third type (the least-used of the three) is Type 1 with a 9 wing:Type One individuals have a very finely tuned sense of right and wrong, and they chart the course of their lives by following a righteous path. This doesn’t have to be religious… it can be any set of principles that the Type One finds ethical. Ones are perfectionists, often setting high standards for themselves and others. Type One may very well be the most noble type in the Enneagram. When a Type One is in a state of growth, they become excited and joyous like a Seven. When a Type One is stressed, they become emotional and overwhelmed like an unhealthy Type 4. You are a Type One with a Nine wing, which means that the righteous traits of a Type One combine with the peaceful nature of the Type Nine to create a very idealistic personality.


psych 30 day challenge - day 2
favorite main character: head detective carlton lassiter, mcj
- - because i’d be fooling myself if i even considered everyone else. there’s a reason he’s my favorite fictional character of all time. he really means a lot to me, even though i originally thought him an insensitive jerk with anger issues. (admittedly, he is, but he’s so much more than that. and maybe that’s why i fell in love with him.)


psych 30 day challenge - day 15
favorite burton guster moment: trust your gut (6.13)
- - gus usually gets pushed off to the side by the nature of shawn’s fake profession. but while his best friend is in the hospital recovering, gus has to work the mystery himself, as shawn can’t be there in person, and he does a phenomenal job of it. brave gus always has a special place in my heart.


psych 30 day challenge - day 14
favorite shawn moment: the dilemma at the movies (3.16)
- - it’s clear how much the yin/yang case has taken out of shawn, and we actually get to see the raw version of shawn spencer. he takes down yang, santa barbara’s most notorious killer, but yet, the only thing he’s concerned about is his mother’s safety and health. after being stuck in a will-they-or-won’t-they type situation with juliet for three years, she offers him an opportunity to make things real between them. she’s the one of the few things he hasn’t even thought about abandoning, despite his commitment issues, but he still goes on a date with abigail because he really thinks that he can move on past something he thought would never happen. and despite all of this emotional trauma, he still manages to keep his cool around abigail, though he probably had tons on his mind. it’s the serious side of shawn that i wish we got to see more of.