ridiculous fucker


[Adam and the Ants, “Stand and Deliver”]

Adam bby ur the worst highwayman ever u don’t take off ur mask ffs

i remember there was a post like 2, 3 years ago with beyonce saying that she is black and identifies with her native roots and people were saying that claiming being native was her trying to “sound mixed” aka “beyonce thinking she has to lay claim to something because she’s ashamed to be black” which is so ridiculous because uh, no fucker she clearly says that she is black AND native, the two are not mutually exclusive??? and then said “all black people in the US have native ancestry” and i shat, essentially

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//Omg~ that’s priceless~ I totally want to provide commentary for this. xD We'reallgoingtohellanditwillbegreat~

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//oops totally meant to say that on here. xD;;

(Satan is probably just sitting there waiting for all of us to just drop down XD

It’s cool, I know who you are~ ;) XD)

I saw rocky horror picture show for the first time this weekend and it was ridiculous. All these fuckers wouldn't stop yelling shit that made not sense and than some asshole threw bread at me. What the fuck.

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You should delete that terrible anons questions. He or she has no idea what they're talking about or what you have gone through in life. Neither does he/she know your dad, how girlfriend, or anything about their relationship. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. People who send hateful things, and hide, probably are way worse off than anything or anyone they are spouting off at the mouth about. I feel sorry for you anon. Sounds like your mom needs to hug you more. Loves!

no im gonna keep them up for a few more hours to let everyone see how fucking ridiculous some fuckers are.

i hate people like him so much.