Goose Island, “Sofie”. 6.5 ABV. Beer advocate 92 (outstanding). The label says this is a Belgian style ale. It’s really an ale that had 20% of it aged in wine barrels (wine barrels?) with citrus peel (citrus peel?). As it turns out, this is a very smooth, refreshing, light tasting brew that hits the spot. Enjoy it with Vitner’s original Ridgetts. This is (usually) a big chip that will hold up to a lot of dipping throughout the entire bag.


(Goose Island Sofie)

Samuel Adams, “Fat Jack”, Double Pumpkin. Ale brewed with pumpkin and spices. Pours a nice dark fall color with a nicer tasty head. The 8.5 ABV is hardly noticeable. The pumpkin flavor kind of stays in the background (and that’s OK) and the spices (tastes like some pepper to me, and that’s OK) come at you right away and say “Tastes good doesn’t it?”. You gotta pair this with one of the greatest chips of all time, Vitner’s Chicago Smokehouse Rib Ridgetts. Oh my!