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Hi! I just want to say I saw your post about fandoms hating minority characters just because their minorities. And I just want to say I'm a part of 3 of those fandoms and I want to say that no one hates characters simply because of their race. People have reasons for disliking characters and its not fair for you to objectify us all. For instance, I'm in the Sherlock, Doctor Who and Merlin fandoms and I love Martha while I hate Sally and Gwen. I don't blindly hate. No one does.

[trigger warning for misogynist terms at the end]

Hiya. I would have to say that maybe fandom might not actively *think* they are hating these characters for their race–though an alarming number do (“Arthurian Legend can’t have black people!!!”)–but when you look at the trend, black female characters (female characters and women of color characters in general, but especially black women ones), get super scrutinized by fandom in comparison to other characters who have similar flaws.

  • Sally is mean. So is Sherlock.
  • Martha is clingy and lovestruck. So was Rose.
  • Tara is whiny just because she was abused. But Franklin, her abuser, is great!
  • Gwen…I don’t even know why someone would hate Gwen.

There’s also a pattern here that has people falling over themselves to excuse the actions of certain white male morally ambiguous or downright villainous characters (“Moriarty is brilliant and complex.” “Baltar is misunderstood.” “Franklin is funny and amusing.” “The Doctor has been through a lot”), but doesn’t afford that same line of thinking for a number of WOC characters. 

People “blindly hate” in fandom all the time, often times for no other reason than “this woman got in the way of my ship of choice GOD I HOPE THEY DIE” or “this woman is being mean to my favorite character for reasons that are probably justified WHAT A HORRENDOUS BITCH” and “this woman is confident in her sexuality SHE IS A SLUT.” That’s kind of common for nearly every woman in fandom but you’d better believe it is even more likely if that character is a black woman. 

I didn’t just pull this trend out of thin air, you know.

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Rose Tyler :)

Motherfucking beautiful bamf queen.

No seriously. The only problem is, I feel like a bad Rose fan because I don’t seem to worship her the way everyone else seems to. Make no mistake- she was a grade A badass who genuinely deserves all the respect, ever. She saved the Doctor from himself. By association, she kind of saved the entire universe. And then she went to another universe, and saved that one too. Basically, you give Rose Tyler a universe, and this shit is safe as fuck.

I adore her and her stupidly perfect face. She gave the Doctor a reason to be compassionate again. Her presence made him grow warmer towards humans again. Rose did that. And then she went and kicked the shit out of everything because she’s Rose Fucking Tyler and that’s basically what she does. And she did it all with boldness, courage, and just the right amount of sass. She literally set the Doctor’s standards for companions. And that actually might be what bothers me a little. Because while I love Rose to the end, I feel like the others get overshadowed because of their love for her. The whole “Rose was the only one the Doctor ever loved” thing doesn’t help (I know not everyone thinks that, but whenever I hear it I cringe). Of course he loved Rose. Of course. We all know that. No flipping duh. But we can’t forget all the other people he’s loved, or all the other companions who’ve impacted the Doctor as well. And some Rose fans tend to do that, which makes me sad. 

Ship Doctor/Rose like a boss and I am not ashamed. Not even a little.

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Hello darling!!! I was simply wondering who your favorite companion was and why? Personally, mine would have to be Donna because she was amazingly strong, intelligent, resourceful, brave, determined and compassionate.


I agree, Donna was a fantastic companion. I absolutely adore her in The Fires of Pompeii, challenging The Doctor. Catherine Tate’s chemistry with David Tennant is fantastic and make for some really hilarious moments. And her departure is completely heartbreaking. So much so that I haven't re-watched it since the episode aired. 

If I have to choose though, I’m going to go with Martha “BAMF” Jones. A lot of the time she spent travelling with The Doctor she gets a really raw deal. She’s kidnapped, has to support him, is subjected to a lot of racism and sexism, has to spend a year alone, her family is forced into servitude, and the list go on. 

Yet she prevails. Despite everything she goes through, she still manages to see the good in the world, and to see the good in people. She doesn’t become bitter and angry, she becomes a complete BAMF! Personally, I think that’s pretty phenomenal. 

She also gets a raw deal in the fandom so I like to stick up for her when I can. :p

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but how do you get the grainy effect texture like on your Doctor Who poster remakes?

Not bothering at all! I’m happy to help.

All I do is duplicate my layer, go to Filter –> Noise –> Add Noise, with the default settings. Then I set that layer to screen, duplicate again, and set the second layer to soft light. Then I just mess with the opacity of both of the layers till it looks good. Mainly the opacity sits around 20-50%.

Then if I want to add even more grainy-ness, I add a black and white scratch sort of texture, set on ‘Color’, to around 30% opacity.

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First of all, this blog is beautiful and your work is fantastic! Could you make a tutorial on how you make a gif taller than it is? By adding simple coloring?

Thank you! Yes, it’s actually just coloring. But, anyway, I can try to make a tutorial, but later, probably

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Hello! Quick question, if I'm trying out for Into The Woods soon what should I sing if I want the Witch?

Unless your director said you are allowed to sing from the musical, I would stay away from singing anything from Into the Woods.  However, I would look for Sondheim songs to sing.

You could try “Being Alive” from Company, “The Miller’s Son” from A Little Night Music or ‘Another Hundred People" from Company! 

Let me know if any of that helps or you need more!

And break a leg!