This is an interesting reading. I am in a time in my life of great change, of abundance and of hard work. I am laying down the seeds of my future, something I never did before because I didn’t believe in my future. The Eight of Pentacles is about the slow and steady, diligent work I have been doing and need to continue to do. The Hermit represents the fact that a lot of this work is internal, changing the way that I think, perceive and relate, having faith enough to try new things. The Knight of Pentacles in reversed. I always straighten my cards so I rarely get a reversed one but I consider its implications when I do. The Knight of Swords is extremely cautious, stubborn, stuck in old ways, overly careful. I believe that its reversed position indicates that I am beginning to let go of this behaviour, that it no longer serves me. This reading tells me that I have much growing, learning and work to do on myself and in the world and that is good and right and as it should be. I don’t have to be perfect or rigid. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to try and not succeed. It’s okay to dare to trust. #tarot #riderwaitesmith #dailytarot #witch [image description: three tarot cards from the Rider Waite Smith deck. The Eight of Pentacles, the Knight of Pentacles reversed and the Hermit.]

Today’s card is the Queen of Coins reversed. Pay attention to your body. Give it what will nourish it and not just what’s there on a whim. Pleasure does not always equal nourishment. If you’re holding on to something too tightly, keep in mind that the line between caring and smothering is a very fine one.

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I’m taking on a lot more than usual in my life right now. In recovery/sobriety so far I have really tried not to take on to much because I was afraid my mental health couldn’t handle it. 2015 in lots of ways is going to be a year of action, change, coming out of my shell and doing things that scare me. This reading reminds me to be flexible, playful and relaxed in approaching new tasks. To have fun rather than becoming overwhelmed. The experience will vary depending on the approach. This reading also reminds me that I am not responsible for everything. That I must share the load and trust others capabilities. This reading says not to take the hard way, there is another way. #tarot #riderwaitesmith #dailytarot #witch #altar [image description: three lit candles, one white, one red and one black. Beneath them lay a silver medallion, a small carving of a sheela na gig and a metal pentacle. In the front are three tarot cards from the Rider Waite Smith deck, the Two of Pentacles,the Ten of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles.]

I Tried out a spread called Speak to the Dead Spread and ended up having a conversation with a spirit named Mona. These are the readings I love doing but I wish I had a little more control when it came to speaking to spirits. They speak when they feel like it! ✨🔮✨ #mariamextlitarot #bruja #brujalife #tarotlife #tarot #tarotspread #365tarotspreads #spirit #crystalvisions #candles #protection #riderwaitesmith

I didn’t forget! :) Today’s card is the Judgement card. To those of you with a Christian background, this card probably looks familiar. This card lets us know that you sometimes have to answer a higher calling. To answer it, you may have to atone for what you’ve done in the past and turn toward a new start. This is a rebirth card. Sometimes this card comes up with a big choice is coming up. If you feel like you’re being called or pulled toward something, answer with open arms.

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Powerful reading tonight. I feel very strongly that I am entering into a new chapter of my life. Lessons which have been central are being resolved. I am now ready to move on. This reading is about facing my own disavowed power. It is about finding that spark, that energy, that strength, which I have denied and buried and have been terrified of. It’s about all the saying no and staying at home and taking the safe and easy way that I’ve been doing because I am too afraid to act. I’m too afraid to trust myself and trust the universe. But this reading suggests that my power is awakening, that old patterns have become exhausting, that it is time to take responsibility for myself. I can’t stay in my head any longer. I must find the courage to act. I have arrived at a turning point. I must surrender to this process. I will know how to take responsibility for my actions by paying attention to the way that power works: I must remember ‘power with’ not 'power over’. The work I have to do is not about serving ego. I must remain humble. I must learn as much as I teach, receive as much as I give, listen as much as I speak. I must find that balance and that wisdom to know when to act and when to make space for others actions. Once I clarify my motives, surrender the outcome and have faith in the universe then I am ready for what is next: the work. #tarot #riderwaitesmith #celticcross #witch #altar

Cups. Hearts. Love as action. Intuition. Deep water. Water is yielding, strong, patient, mysterious, life giving. #tarot #riderwaitesmith #altar #witch [image description: my altar from above. Three lit melting candles. The Ace of Cups from the Rider Waite Smith deck. It shows a hand holding an overflowing cup. A white bird and a white circle with a cross inside it are above the cup. A W is inscribed on the cup.]

Today’s card of the day is the 10 of Cups reversed. This card reminds is that, sometimes, we just can’t make everyone happy. We occasionally need to figure out what’s best for ourselves before we can try to figure out what’s best for everyone else. Often times, our hugest goals and our ideals include other people, but we should get ourselves in check first.
I’m reminded of that saying by RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” That fits here. Make sure that you’re making yourself happy before you try to have happiness with others. So, today, think about where your values lie and make sure that you’re making time for your family (whatever “family” means to you).

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It has been a long road. My past has left me hurt, traumatized and defensive. My past was concerned mainly with survival. Now, I have the ability and opportunity to work toward more than survival, to diligently work toward my goals and dreams. And the future is full of hope and possibility. I have the opportunity to step into my own power, to claim it and take responsibility for it. Blessed be. #tarot #riderwaitesmith [image description: three cards from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck: the Nine of Wands, the Eight of Pentacles and the Two of Wands.]

Today’s card of the day for March 30 is the Ace of Coins. You’re standing in sturdy and fertile ground, friend. At the very least, you’re starting to get there. This card often signals a new opportunity in the way of finances, work, and anything else “material.” It’s also a signal that what you need is at your hands and, on the chance that it’s not, it’s coming your way. This is sort of like a gift from the Universe. It’s a seed. You may have to figure out how, when, and where to plant it, but stay alert, stay grateful, and figure it out. Steady and stable® time are coming. Take the opportunities as they come!

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The card of the day for March 28 is the 3 of Swords. This card. Oh. So, this card’s imagery pretty well explains itself. This card comes up when there’s some hurt and some heartache around. A lot of the time, choices are accompanied by a feeling of loss and the toughness of having to make a decisions. My best advice is to just let yourself be upset. You’ve been feeling rejected or betrayed, let yourself feel just that. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, you have to feel your way through it before you can heal. You’ll learn something, and things will make sense at some point. Happy Saturday, y'all.

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Today’s card of the day for April 5 is the 4 of Cups. This card often pops up when we’re feeling dissatisfied with something but, instead of walking away from it, we sit and pout. This card talks about being so distracted and preoccupied with something else that we put ourselves in our own little bubble and ignore what life has to offer us. If you need to break away from things (like festivities) for a bit, do it. Just don’t stay there too long. If you’re going to celebrate today, make sure that you don’t overdo it and forget why you’re there. Also, if you’re out living it up on Saturday night, sorry, friend. This is also my “hangover” card. Haha.

TL;DR: if you need to take a break and get yourself together, do it. However, don’t dwell on things so long and hard that you don’t see end up in your own little world and blind to what’s in front of you.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

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Upheaval and the Regaining of Hope

             Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about disappointment and people hitting low places, so I wanted to throw in my two cents keeping in mind the lessons of Tarot. 

             Tarot, whether or not you have any investment in “divination”—I put this word in quotation marks because of the frequently misguided connotation of the word—, tells a story. While I don’t want to go through the whole Major Arcana right now, I want to focus on two particular cards that I feel represent a lesson that should be remembered (even though it’s often difficult to do): The Tower and The Star. 

             The Tower is a card that represents quick upheaval, chaos, and that knock-you-flat-on-your-butt stuff that passes through all of our lives at some point or another. On a lot of images that go with this card, you’ll see a lightning bolt striking a tower (duh) and some people jumping from the windows as the tower catches on fire. The images behind the tower are often very dark and ominous. However, while not being someone who sweeps things under a rug and refuses to tell everyone to  ”just be happy” (as I believe that emotions frequently have to be confronted and worked though), I frequently liken

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