Anime Official April Fools

Happy April Fools! As usual, anime companies are having fun with their jokes this year:


Yato the Wave-riding God

「MUSHI-SHI THE MOVIE ~The Perfect Love~」

Freeza takes over Shounen Jump

feat. cooking boyfriend Inaho

anonymous asked:

What is Palm Sunday? I go to a church but I've never heard of it :/

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus entering Jerusalem on the week He would be tried, crucified, and raised from the Dead. It is the Sunday before Easter. The event is found in all four gospels (Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19).

Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey (or “ass” if you are reading the King James Version and/or looking for an excuse to say “ass” in church), as Zechariah 9:9 prophesied that the Messiah would. The people greeted him by waving palm branches and laying palm branches on the ground for the donkey to walk on, hence the term “Palm Sunday.”

In the Greco-roman world, the palm branch was a symbol of victory. So a scene of a man riding in as people waved palm branches and quoted verses about Zion’s King coming would have invoked some parallels to a Roman triumph, when a conquering military hero received a victory parade.

That is the most striking part of Palm Sunday to me, and why it is an important part of the Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) to remember. Jesus was not a victim of circumstance or an unwitting participant in the events that would happen later in the week. He knew what He was doing. He went into Jerusalem on a mission, in a way that was openly declaring who He was- a king here to claim His kingdom.

As He would later tell the Roman governor, His kingdom wasn’t territory. It wasn’t even visible. His kingdom is us- our hearts and souls. He would do whatever it took to claim it.

When Thursday and Friday roll around, and Jesus is being falsely convicted by a sham court and brutally executed, it is important to remember the scene of Palm Sunday. He was not dragged to the Cross unwillingly. It was a victory parade.

-Matt from The Birdge


. Solo trippin at Baler (day 2)

First half of the day:

Riding waves at Sabang and chillin with locals in between breaks. They asked me why I went alone and I said i’ve been thinking about visiting Baler and so i packed my stuff, went to the bus station and just went there. 

One of the dudes told me about this lone lady traveler and he met sometime ago. Apparently the young lady was having love troubles, ex left her for someone else and shit. He then met this lone dude who went there and the dude was single as fuck so he then introduced them to each other. The next day, the two were having lunch together and shit. I just said wow and they were like, maybe they can find someone for me and I’m like no thank you. DOn’t really need it nor want it ‘cause I’m very much into someone.

I then asked them a good place to eat. That led me to Kusina Luntian. Food’s so fucking great, went there again the next day! Don’t think I’d ever find this place without asking ‘cause the spot’s a bit hidden. I had grilled pork belly. That’s salted egg, tomato and seasoned paco on top. BTK (balaw, talong, kamatis) as a side dish. I had a bit of a problem ‘cause you have to eat using your bare hands unless you bring your own utensils. Pretty sure me eating that isn’t a pretty sight but whatever. For once, I didn’t give a fuck. The food’s just so fucking good! And the people there are friendly as fuck but not annoying. Keeping me company while I eat. One of the old ladies there even gave me life tips and shit. And for the longest time, I got called “dalaga na maganda”. That’s something I don’t hear often.

The whole trip really did great to my anxiety shit.