Spórt as Gaeilge - Sport in Irish

Peil (Ghaelach) - (Gaelic) Football
Iománaíocht - Hurling
Rugbaí - Rugby
Sacar - Soccer
Liathróid Láimhe (Oilimpeach) - (Olympic) Handball
Leadóg - Tennis
Cispheil - Basketball
Eitpheil - Volleyball
Líonpheil - Netball
Scuais - Squash
Badmantan - Badminton
Lúthchleasaíocht - Athletics
Cruicéad - Cricket
Galf - Golf
Snámh - Swimming
Marchaíocht Toinne - Surfing (lit. wave riding)
Haca (Oighir) - (Ice) Hockey
Póló (Uisce) - (Water) Polo
Curachóireacht - Canoeing
Dornálaíocht - Boxing (lit. fisting)
Iomrascáil - Wrestling
Rothaíocht - Cycling
Seoltóireacht - Sailing
Boghdóireacht - Archery

anonymous asked:

why the hell do you people even defend her. she can't draw for shit, she can't write, and she's not even relevant in the fandom. no one knew who this chick was til right at the end of the series and now she's riding on naruhina waves trying to get famous. pathetic.

i came here in early january or so and i received the utmost support and love. in other words, the naruhina fandom could give less than a shit when someone enters the fandom, as long as they’re kind and talented and that is what tachi is. we defend her because she is kind, has a great sense of humor, and is, to us, fantastic at everything she does. she is relevant to all of us, and anything but pathetic. 

what’s pathetic is using your time to torment and insult someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. step off your high horse, you’re not influential, you’re not going to change anyone’s minds. we are behind tachi 150%. 

you seriously need to get your priorities straight. if you’re seriously spending all of this time giving tachi a bad time and spreading negativity like wildfire, then i wonder how shitty you must be in reality.


tbt riding a wave 🏊