Australians fight Islamophobia amidst hostage crisis with #IllRideWithYou

In the midst of the ongoing hostage crisis in downtown Sydney, Australians are showing the world they’re not caving to racism or Islamophobia. 

On Monday, an armed gunman stormed a cafe in Martin Place, entering a tense standoff with police. After the hostage-taker displayed an Islamic flag in the cafe’s window, many of Australia’s Muslims are understandably anxious about facing retribution. 

But instead, Australians have banded together on Twitter with #IllRideWithYou, a hashtag showing their solidarity with fellow countrymen scared of being attacked on public transportation. 

There have been more than 150,000 Tweets so far


The Sydney Siege is over, and while it could have ended a lot worse, tragedy is still upon us.

While the gunman is dead, two hostages were killed.

Tori Johnson, 34, was the manager of the Lindt Cafe in which the siege was taking place. Johnson is being reported as a hero, as he had attempted to wrestle the gun away from the gunman just before police raided the cafe.

Katrina Dawson, 38, was a lawyer and mother of three. Our thoughts go out to her family, especially her children, as no one should have to lose a mother at such a young age. 

Four more are grievously injured, and we wish them all a speedy and smooth recovery. Please keep all the victims, their families, and their friends in your thoughts and prayers today as Australia, as a country, tries to come back from this horrific incident.

Remember, the actions of this man are only the actions of this man. He does not represent the Muslim community, he doesn’t not represent the Islamic religion. Do not take your anger out on any Muslim you may know, and Islam is a religion that promotes and practices peace, and the actions of this man cannot be blamed on the religion.

In Sydney and taking public transport? Here's how you can help.

The Sydney siege has brought the racists out in packs. There are people who are too terrified to go home on public transport because they ‘look Muslim’ or are wearing religious attire. They do not want, nor deserve, to be the target of racial harassment and abuse.

If you are taking public transport tonight, please go on Twitter and post your bus, train or ferry with the hashtag #illridewithyou. If someone needs an ally, you can be there to help them get home safely.

All 6 Taliban suicide gunmen have been killed. 132 children of 144 people have been killed. There were about 19 explosions inside the school and most of the children that are injured are suffering from shots in their heads or chests. R.I.P little angels. We hang our heads in sorrow and grief alongside your friends and families. Thanks to the officers and special forces that handled the situation as well as they could. R.I.P to any who lost their lives attempting to save the children and R.I.P to staff who had nowhere to go and no place to escape to. My heart goes out to all of you. We bleed together. As Australians grieving over the Sydney siege and the loss of Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, two courageous heroes. As Pakistanis currently holding in their breath wondering if the child they sent to school will return home. As Canadians, still scared of the possibility of an explosion. As a world, fearing what will happen next but standing together for once in a long time to fight against our fears. Today and hopefully forever, we stand together.


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