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anonymous asked:

Favourite skills on all gymnastics events ?

Vault: Maybe a nicely executed DTY 
          For boys - Double fronts/double front half out

Bar: Ricnas? Also mustafinas dismount
       For boys - those crazy flippy things over the bar! ;) 

Beam: Standing Arabians (like Nias) 

Floor: A NICE double layout/double arabian. 


anonymous asked:

Yes, I still do gymnastics :) I'm not very good though. I don't really have a favorite vault, on bars I love pretty pirouettes and really anything done well haha. I loooove Ricnas also. On beam, I love a good Chinese layout, and any leap that is over split. On floor, I love any tumbling done by Simone haha. But DLO are very pretty and I've always like double Arabians. What are your least favorite skills? ~SS

now I have a feeling you love chinese gymnastics haha

my least fave skills?

side somis

side somis

side somis

and let’s not talk about side somis on floor because UGH. oh and probably any other skill that’s just chucked with terrible form.

what are yours?