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  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ I haven't put on my makeup & I haven't eaten ugahhg B((
  • [ M. K. ]:(( go do the thing! lol
  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ I don't wanna get up sobs
  • [ M. K. ]:(( I don't wanna, get you up, I don't wanna, let you down
  • [ M. K. ]:(( lol
  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ did you just
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  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ Rick roll me
  • [ M. K. ]:(( YAS
  • [ M. K. ]:(( I DID
  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ I WOULD TACKLE YOU
  • ☢ Mαтт ☢:[ TacKLES YOU TO THE FLOOR
  • [ M. K. ]:(( SCREAMS

pansexual-buck asked:

84 u meme

84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?

probably telepathy, i mean what’s cooler than being able to rick roll someone in their own thoughts???

I swear to God when someone on my dash reblogged the “We’re dating,” quote from You-Know-Who-I’m-Talking-About with a link I was FULLY prepared to be Rick Rolled. 

Why has no one seized this opportunity yet? I’m ashamed of all of you.

anonymous asked:

daryl fantasizing over rick riding a horse

instead of an actual fantasy, im twisting it a bit :) hope you like x

"Tell me."  Rick pressed. 

"No, it’s stupid." Daryl murmured. 

Rick rolled his eyes. They were lying naked in the bed, the covers draped over them lazily. Rick was lying properly where as Daryl kept changing position, finding new ways to get comfortable. His current one was his head on his pillow, his body curled in a way so that his legs could be draped over Rick’s hips. Rick’s hands were resting over Daryl’s legs, caressing them softly.

"Daryl the nice thing about a fantasy is, that if you tell me, I can do it for you."

Daryl looked at him. “It’s dumb.” he said.

"Tell you what, if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine after." he winked. "Scout’s honour."

Daryl narrowed his eyes for a moment before sighing and giving in. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Well…ever since I saw you in that cop uniform since we got here…I’ve had a…well…thought…”

"Oh are you going to be the cliché with handcuffs?"

"Shut up."  Daryl muttered. "No…I just, had a dream the other night and it kinda of stuck with me…we were back at the farm, but you came um, ridin’ up on Hershel’s horse, in the uniform, ‘cept…well your shirt was all open…"

Rick grinned. “Then what?”

"We uh…well you got down and no one was home, so you got off the horse, all smooth and gentle like. Walked onto the porch and stared at me, didn’t say much, just said ‘Officer Grimes’ has arrived and then you made me get undressed, and you fucked me on the porch."

"Jesus and the horse watched?" Rick laughed as Daryl hit him with the pillow. "Well," Rick sighed dramatically. "I guess I need to find a horse!" he laughed and leaned forward kissing him. "Except maybe you could ride the horse with me."

"I was thinkin’ about ridin’ something else."

"Oh, you dirty man…"


I want to remind everyone that this happened.