Richmond VA architecture photo-dump. I have a degree in art history and have studied the buildings in this city extensively. Intending on making a blog dedicated solely to this topic, but here’s a test post.

From top to bottom:

1) View from footbridge over the interstate into my neighborhood. My house is on the far right.

2) typical turn of the century houses in the Fan neighborhood

3)-4) strange overgrown carriage house in an alley near VCU w/ mural next to it

5)-6) cathedral of the sacred heart, back and front. Built by wealthy descendants of irish immigrants post-civil war 

7) Johnson Hall, formerly an apt bldg, built 1915

8) partial view of downtown, Richmond Central Nat’l Bank in the distance, built 1929

9) Grace St. looking towards back of Franklin St., near VCU.

10) high rise apartment buildings at the mouth of downtown, from Monroe Park


Near Cathedral Rock (in the Sedona desert) is a uniquely shaded valley.  In the midst of dry, red rock and shrubs, it is a lush, green, forest oasis.  The sound of its cicadas can be heard from a distance over the rock and sand.  Oak Creek runs through the center.

It’s as if the universe dropped a little piece of #RVA right here in the desert, just for me.

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