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“I… if you have work, it’s not n-necessary… I’m sorry for bothering you, Jimmy.”

“How often do I need to tell you that you’re not bothering me? Believe me, I’ll make it obvious to you when I feel bothered or annoyed.” He told him with an arch of his eyebrow. “I can stay with you.”

Reichenbach-Frustration at it's best...

So there is this BeeGees documentary on german tv today and the whole week they showed tv spots - and you can guess which song they used - the final problem… and everytime the song played I was like… “oh holy moffiss… this song makes me cry… why do u do this to me tv!!!” And nobody understood cause I have no real life sherlockian friends T.T I was almost everytime close to tears and the whole “final act” rushed through my mind… Try to explain your reichenbach feels to non sherlockians… ._. ordinary people… 

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Watson spotted @richbrookmoriarty at his favorite cafe'

Watson sat at his usual table at his favorite cafe’ just a little walk away from the flat. He sipped quietly on his coffee and looked around a bit. It was a quant little place and had a homey yet modern feel to it, just the way he liked it. Watson noticed the usual customers loitering around and didn’t think much of it until he saw him. Richard Brook, the Storyteller, standing at the end of the line, a few other people in front of him

“Oh my god,” Watson nearly spit up his drink he was so shocked. When he lived with his sister and helped take care of her kids, he’d watch The Storyteller all the time with them. They loved it. Loved him. Just couldn’t get enough. It was odd, seeing him now, not on the telly and in actual real life. Should he say hi? Should he ask for his autograph? For the kids, of course….

Before Watson knew it, he too stood up and got in line. He all of sudden had a hankering for a good jelly donut, or he wouldn’t mind one at least. He got in line behind, Richard, his heart racing in his chest.  Watson opened his mouth to say something then closed, it opened it up again but thought better of it. Maybe I should just sit down or go to the restroom or something…this is pathetic! He thought, annoyed at himself. Watson licked his lips and decided to man up.

“Excuse me,” Watson mumbled, as he tapped Richard on the back, trying to get his attention.

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"Jimmy...? What are y-you doing...?"

Prompt: YOU JUST WOKE UP NAKED IN BED NEXT TO ME. Using only 5 words, what would you say to me?

He had tried to stood up and leaving the bedroom but Richard obviously woke immediately as soon as Jim even moved slightly. With a sigh he sunk back into the mattress and curled an arm around his brother. “I couldn’t sleep and thought to got and take care of some work. Would you rather like me to stay with you?”


DR.JEKYLLand ɘαγн.ям

It was almost D I S U S T I N G seeing someone like Richard Brook around. A disguise made real thanks to some fuck up The Doctor did to parallel worlds no doubt.

Oblivious. EMOTIONAL. A vision of someone he could have been if he never snapped and decided to make people stop laughing at him.

“ ‘Nevermore,’ I crowed to the ghost of a would-be man!" 

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Richard looked down at the text, biting his lip softly. He didn’t want to intrude on Jim and his workers, but he knew that it wouldn’t be good if he just decided to not show up on time. So he grabbed his coat, pushing out of his flat and walking to Jim’s, opening the door…

…once he got there. He hung it up on the hook and went to go sit on the couch and wait for his brother to finish with the work that he needed to do.

It took him a tad longer than an hour to take care of everything but soon enough he assigned all of his snipers and could let them do their work. More than content about this evening he hummed as he stood and left his office.

“Would you like a cup of tea, my dear?”

He didn’t sit besides Richard as he looked down on him. “You turned nervous today. What caused your anxiety today?”

Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches, and drink till you're whole. [Jim & Rich Vampire!AU]

It was night. It was always night when James Moriarty came out to play. It had to be night for him to even consider leaving the apartment he occupied. Occupied, not live in; it was hard to live somewhere when one was not actually alive. But who wanted to be alive? Alive was dull. Alive was boring… Though eternity was proving to be just as mind numbing as mortality.

That was until he caught sight of something interesting.

His curiosity successfully peaked, Jim slipped into the shadows, following a man that looked surprisingly a lot like himself – aside from a few small differences, the obvious of which was the darker, more human skin tone. Jim bided his time, waiting until the man was alone and easy to trap before he made a move.

“Well, what have we hear?” He called from the shadows once he had lured the man into an alley. “It looks like you’ve stolen from me.” The vampire moved, standing finally so that the human could see his outline – he had always been one for dramatics. “Though I suspect you weren’t aware of that, hmn?” Jim smirked, moving closer to the man that held an uncanny resemblance to himself.