A Facebook friend of mine had the perfect thing to say about this creep:

This is why, despite being a nonbeliever and a scientifically minded person, I hesitate to identify as a member of the skeptic/atheist community- it is dominated by pompous white men who find doing things like categorizing rape into different “levels” of badness, and playing logical fallacy “gotcha” games with anyone hurt by this, to be a diverting intellectual exercise. In truth, they may act like this is nothing more than a fun little project, but this is to hide how much emotional validation and sexual enjoyment they derive from this game. Their intent is to do harm, and to assert power by the further gaslighting and violation of boundaries of those who protest. The more you ask them to stop, the more excited they get, and the more they will try to pull you into a “debate” and harm you further. This is not done in the spirit of true inquiry and debate; it is abuse disguised in the sterile wrapping of “discourse.”