Sean Bean as rifleman Richard Sharpe.

Let us reflect that Sharpe is so badass, his may be the only action character portrayed by Sean Bean who has not been killed. The universe may have it out for Sean Bean’s characters, but it can’t take down rifleman Sharpe. 

“Your lorship?”
A cavalry trooper had ridden up to the small cluster of trees that sheltered the staff of Field Marshall, the Lord Wellington, commander of the allied forces of the Sixth Coalition, as he watched out over the field just outside of Brussels known as Waterloo. The rider, a galloper was dressed in the uniform of the Scot Greys.
“Yes.” Was the simple reply from the hawk-nosed officer.
“My lord, the French have broken, and they were on the run.”
“What do you mean, sir, were on the run? Speak plainly man.”
“Well your lordship, Napoleon sir, he’s rallied his men.”
“Then we shall have to thrash him again.”
“The man just doesn’t know how to accept defeat!” a staff officer blurted out, an obvious junior member of the field marshal’s staff, “I recommend sending in the heavy cavalry again!”
“That wouldn’t be a good idea sir,” the trooper said, “you see, it appears the French Emporer is riding some kind of terrible lizard.”
“Do we form the men into square then?” another officer asked.
“That probably wouldn’t work either.”
“So line?”
“Again, it’s a lizard, not infantry, or cavalry”
“So back to square then.”
The trooper just shook his head as the officers squabbled another officer ran up to the group, the man, an officer, based on the tattered gold on his blue uniform of a Royal Artillery, slick with blood.
“Your lordship, I beg your forgiveness for appearing in this state, but it appears that Napoleons new mount is eating the artillery crews.” The man finally managed to speak.
“Blast it all!” the duke, now visibly shaken and hiding it with anger, “Send in Richard Sharpe!”

…if you believe in a God, miss, pray now.”

“You don’t?”

“I believe in the Baker rifle,” Sharpe said, “and in the 1796 Pattern heavy cavalry sword, so long as you grind down the back blade so that the point don’t slide off a Frog’s ribs.


10/11 - Part 10 of the “Leave me a fandom in my ask and I will draw my favorite character” Meme.

Fandom: Sharpe. How could I refuse? My favorite actor. In a uniform. A VERY HOT UNIFORM. And in a role where he doesn’t die! Can you imagine? Sean Bean didn’t die at the end of this long, long series. The only person who died more than S.B is Dean Winchester at the Mystery Spot