Robot, Have I Loved? 1/?

OKAY. I’ve been upset that I got derailed on my little writing nerds in love renaissance. Life gets busy, yo. But I really did love the robot!Jared AU I thought about a while ago, and I wanted to get started and put it out there in the most lowkey way possible. Which is on a blog. SO. Here it is. A future sprawling AU I will lose control of, but god I hope I get to some kissing. 

If Richard had been born 50 years earlier he probably would have been on the forefront of the compression revolution. He likes to think that no matter how far he could go back into his past and possible lives he would been doing something with tech. Something important. Maybe a line of past lives all the way back to the stone age where he helped figure out a new way to start a fire. 

Of course, given the trajectory of his current life, his stone age past life probably ended when he panicked and grunted the wrong thing to the biggest and baddest guy in the tribe.There were two things Richard knew he was good at, tech and getting stepped on. 

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I have just found out something else i share in common with Richard Dunne. Last year i was centre back, captain, wore puma kings and missed a lot of training due to knee problem. He is also centre back, always wears puma kings, was captain on some occasions and missed training due to knee injury. 

Today i found out he used to play right back, i played right back for a season 2 years ago before moving to centre back. I am officially insane now.