richard chase

  • Friend:It's disgusting how people have blogs dedicated to serial killers on here. Even if they are even interested in crime it's like completely gross and wrong. Some of them even call the killers bae or daddy. Those people are fucked in the head.
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While serial killer Richard Chase was in custody, detectives searched his apartment. What they found in the putrid-smelling place was disgusting. Nearly everything was bloodstained, including food and drinking glasses. In the kitchen, they found several small pieces of bone, and some dishes in the refrigerator with body parts. One container held human brain tissue. An electric blender was badly stained and smelled of rot.


Yearbook Pictures of Several American Serial Killers

-Ted Bundy attended Woodrow Wilson High school in Washington; graduated 1965. Victim count: 30+ (a.k.a the Lady Killer)

-Richard Chase attended Mira Loma High school in California; graduated 1968. Victim count: 6 (a.k.a the Vampire of Sacramento)

-Dean Corll attended Vidor High School in Texas; graduated 1958. Victim count: 27+ (a.k.a the Candy Man)

-Richard Cottingham attended Pascack Valley High school in New Jersey; graduated 1964. Victim count: 6+ (a.k.a the Torso Killer)

-Jeffrey Dahmer attended Revere High School in Ohio; graduated 1978. Victim count: 17 (a.k.a the Milwaukee Monster)

-Dennis Rader attended Wichita Heights High School in Kansas; graduated 1963. Victim count: 10 (a.k.a BTK)

-Gary Ridgway attended Tyee High School in Washington; graduated 1969. Victim count: 49+ (a.k.a the Green River Killer)

-Joel Rifkin attended East Meadow High School in New York; graduated 1977. Victim count: 9+ (a.k.a Joel the Ripper)