I was going to try making a rice bag with lavender in it, big enough that I can heat it and lay it around my shoulders and it would be a little heavy, because my shoulders/neck are so tight and tense today that my jaw is aching…. but thenI discovered I don’t have a sewing machine needle and I didn’t buy enough rice.


Reusable Heating Pad (rice and buckwheat)

I’ve been making heating pads that you can put in the microwave or freezer. I made a 3-piece heating pad with ribbons so that you can tie it to whichever body part that needs heating, and it’s been working wonders on my back. Emilie mentioned how cold her apartment was, and I figured I should share these with you guys, for inspiration or if anyone is interested I wouldn’t mind making more of these.

Made myself a heating pad

This whole crafting thing is like contagious. I couldn’t just stop at crochet lol. I had to go on and make myself an (essential oil) heat pack! It can also double as a freezing pad. 

I had awful cramps last night and ended up thinking about how you can use rice (or corn or beans) to make simple heating pads. And so today I made it! 

I think I added too many drops of lavender though <.<; Gonna stay away from it for a while, while my nose is sensitive (couldn’t even burn a whole cone of incense today what the heck?). 

When I was a lot younger, I would watch my mom making rice from one of these Goya bags and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would make a super cool purse one day. My mom’s awesome, and even though I largely kept my aspirations to myself, once we finished the rice, she passed the bag onto me and I put a strap on it and have worn it ever since. 

Straw bags are such a must for warm weather, and while I actually want a nice tote like this, my rice bag is a much thriftier substitute for the time being. This dress was also my mom’s and even though she didn’t know why I liked it so much, I like the lightness of the fabric and the tiers at the hem. Somehow, it reminds me of fog or sea mist and puts me in an artistic mood.