Via Ricasoli… the avenue that leads to Il Duomo. I took this in Seppia in a hurry and this was the result. Hurried photos always look better then normal, patient, careful photography.

Di's App for Evelyn

[ OOC ]

Name/alias: Di
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
Activity level [ don’t just give numbers ]: I’m on several times throughout the day. I don’t have much of a life outside of college classes and yoga lol.
Further contact [personal, skype, etc.]: This account I’m writing from is a great way to reach me. Texting also works: 240-350-4212.
Anything else: I’ve reviewed some of the old Evelyn’s account, though I may need someone to catch me up if you all would want me to pick up from where they left off. Otherwise, I’m cool with starting over.

[ IC ]

Have you read the rules? Password?: Yes. You killed my fish (please don’t actually kill my fish, he’s so cute).
Desired character: Evelyn Brooks
Secondary choice: Alyssa Ricasoli but with a FC change to Dianna Agron maybe? She played an Italian mobster daughter in The Family so it could work. Idk.
Anything you want to change or add?: Not a thing! She’s perfect, which I’m sure Evelyn is already aware of.
Why do you want this character?: Because I have a major weak spot for playing beautiful, apathetic, manipulative women. I’ve played variations of them many, many times and it’s always a boatload of fun for me to explore the character’s motives, interests, and reasoning for being so cold. Writing smut is also a hobby and it seems like Evelyn will be partaking in quite a lot of that.
Para sample [IC, third person, minimum three paragraphs]:

Evelyn and a kill, just chillin in a bathtub. Enjoy!

“So, are you ever going to tell me about yourself?” The deep gravelly voice of a naïve young man whispered into Evelyn’s ear from behind, his rough fingertips trailing sensually down the length of her arms. No doubt a poor attempt at intimacy intended to coax an answer out of her. “We haven’t spent as much time talking as we have… Well, you know.” The corners of her mouth twitched briefly as she brought a half-drained glass of wine to her lips and finished the red liquid with ease, memories of their torrid afternoon together flickering through her mind. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you that curiosity killed the cat?” She replied, only half-teasing, before removing herself from his lap to shift her position in the tub, causing sudsy bathwater to spill all over the tiled floor. Now face-to-face with her handsome prey, Evelyn placed the wine glass onto a nearby table and moved lithely through the bubbles until she was straddling his legs.

“True, but didn’t satisfaction also bring it back?” The blonde smirked at his answer. She liked this one, he had a quick wit that she could appreciate. “One would be inclined to think you’ve had enough satisfaction for the day,” she purred. “Unless you’re implying I haven’t satisfied you. In which case, I know you’re lying to me.” The man sighed and reached two soapy hands up to grasp her shoulders, holding the beautiful and very naked vampire in place with a feeble human strength that she could effortlessly escape. “I’m serious, Evelyn, I want to know you. I… I’ve never met anyone quite like you before.” It took everything within her not to laugh or roll her eyes at the misplaced sentiment. Evelyn had met plenty of people just like him in her one hundred and fourteen years on this God-forsaken planet; sensitive, hopelessly romantic, weak. His humor wasn’t enough to fight off her now growing boredom over his need for validation. 

“Shh,” she gently pulled his hands from her skin and leaned close, kissing him deeply before moving her lips down his jawline. “Later, my love.” He hummed in submission beneath her and leaned his head back against the cold porcelain as Evelyn alternated between feather light pecks and small nips, deftly exploring the warm and enticing skin of his now open neck. Poor boy, he had made it far too easy for this experienced predator. With a lightning fast strike, the temptress released her fangs and bit down onto his carotid artery, causing a gasp and then terrified shriek of pain from the man now caught in her brutal feed. His efforts to shove her away were in vain. Despite every shove, punch, or kick, she never budged or released him. Blood poured into the vampire’s mouth, satiating her aching throat and dribbling down her chin to stain the bathwater a deadly shade of crimson.

It wasn’t long before the struggling ceased and the young man went limp, his lifeless body sliding down into the now lukewarm water. Evelyn wiped the extra blood from her face with a perfectly manicured thumb, slipping the digit into her mouth to suck on the last drops. Delicious. She reached for a towel from the adjacent rack and wrapped it around her body, standing up and making a sound of approval at her appearance in the mirror. Blood was so kind to her skin, really. The blonde stepped out of the bathtub and adjusted her hair, silently crossing the tile floor towards the doorway and turning back to her now deceased friend to blow a kiss. “Ta ta, darling. We should do this again some time… Oh, wait.” She laughed heartily at her own joke before disappearing into her bedroom to get dressed.

30/10 Schio - CSO (Toxic Love)
01/11 Carpi - Kalinka (Toxic Love)
06/11 Pisa - Teatro Lux             
07/11 Grosseto - Caffè Ricasoli