You enjoy my people’s music, festivals, FOOD and COUNTRY FOR VACATIONS yet you choose to label us as thugs, welfare hungry, good for nothing spics?

That makes no sense. If you’re gonna be that way with Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, anyone that yall label under one “Hispanic/Latino” then you shouldn’t be allowed in our restaurants, stores, and resorts.

Just saying.

anônimo perguntou:

I've been thinking about how a lot of asian people are having a problem with the casting choices for mulan (i.e. listing actresses that are korean for example, for a character that is definitely Chinese). And I definitely agree that its a problem to think that all asian people look the same/are interchangeable. But I don't really see myself being bothered when it latinx roles. Like how Gina Rodriquez is Puerto Rican but is casted as a Jane, from Jane the Virgin, who is referenced to being, cont.

Venezuelan. But should I be bothered by this? Should they have gotten someone that was actually Venezuelan to play a Venezuelan actress?

I’m not going to decide for you whether or not to feel bothered, thats on you; i’m not too bothered by it either, although the same concept does apply to latinx actors. I wouldnt blame people if they are offended that other latinx nationalities play another latinx nationality, especially if that nationality isn’t represented often in the media. What bothers me more though is when non latinxs get casted into roles that were supposed to be latinx. Ex: Lou Diamond Phillips (a mixed race asian guy) as Ritchie Valens in La Bamba, Natalie Wood (a white woman) playing a puerto rican woman in the West Side Story, Ben Affleck in Argo (non white mexican character played by white actor), and Miranda from Lizzie Mcguire (mexican character, played by biracial asian actress).


Mod F is a council communist from the Northeast. They are a queer, agender person of Puerto Rican descent and specialize in decolonial theory, postmodernism, and Marxian philosophy. Their politics include an appreciation for a wide range of tactics, including social insurrection and radical unions, but their primary theoretical concern is developing new methods for the left in the 21st century.

There are peope who ask if I’m Jamaican, Haitian, or from some other island in the Caribbean and I am 100% Puerto Rican. People can’t place a black woman with dread locs as being “Puerto Rican.” It’s like that combination doesn’t make sense to them. Sometimes people forget that slavery existed here on the island, in addition to being “Americanized,” as we are constantly getting a lot of influence and inspiration from other countries". - Nellisa Andrades from Puerto Rico