Pabst Street Jam - Toronto, ON

Party weekend in Toronto! Only joins The Board Shop London team to compete in the PBR Street Jam while I drink beer and take the boys to a strip club later on that night!





(via “Culture Care” notebook capture from 2014 Restoration Arts Conference. Day 017/100 #The100DayProject Mako’s words continue to inspire and strengthen the vision God has given me #art #culturecare #notes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

I just got done playing some mk8 and I really love the new dlc!! wild woods is definitely my favorite, it reminds me of pixie hollow from disney :o

I’m kinda neutral on the neo bowser one but I love that they at least added one with rain!!!! whoaa they added so many that are a blast from the past. I played the gba mario kart SO MUCH growing up so ribbon road and cheese land were nice to see brought back. ribbon road is cute but not as hard as the gba. that one was so hard for me as a kid x_x they added so much stuff to it, but then again there wasn’t much on the track but presents in the original >_>

the cheese land theme song takes me back I’m glad it was the same *0* also the pizza in the background is really distracting

soo happy with the new content, I play mario kart A LOT so it’s nice to get a fun dlc