(I can’t believe how much I’ve drawn these past couple of days.)

Had to doodle Rhys and Vaughn because man, these two are such bros it almost hurts.


Rhys' background story part 3

Unable to tell the two of them no after seeing their happy faces we set a date for when Rhys can go visit

Couple of weeks later

Claude has important demon I mean butler stuff he has to take care of so Rhys is staying the weekend with me

As planned me and Rhys get up early that Saturday morning and head to the Altaria palace

Once again the look on the guards face when a women with a kid ask for Al is priceless

(Side note: it’s the same guard as last time so yeah)

So we wait at the gate for someone to come escort us in getting the occasional side glance from the guard.

Finally Al arrives and Rhys gets all excited and bounces up to him eager to spend the day with them meanwhile I just smile and thank him again for going along with everything

Al just smiles and escorts us through the palace while saying how there was No need to thank him and yadda yadda

And so a relatively normal day pans out

Al shows us to the garden where Roberto is waiting

Rhys runs up to Robbie and Robbie scoops him up and spins around nearly giving me a heart attack and causing Rhys to squeal and giggle like crazy

So Roberto and Rhys are playing and Al sits me down at a garden table

So I’m sitting there and Al pours me a cup a tea all proper like and I insist that he sits as well and thanks to dealing with Claude for so long Al has a hard time refusing me

So Al sits at the table too and we have small talk while casting the casual glance at the happily play boys

Then I comment more to myself that him, that it’s nice to see Rhys with such a happy smile on his face

A quiet moment passes before Curiosity gets the better of Al and he ask what I mean

Another moment passes before I take a breath and explained my previous words

I talk about how Rhys is actually a surprising serious kid that didn’t normally take to people so fast

So seeing his being so open as happy with Roberto and Al is nice and heart warming

Another peaceful silence sets in nether of us know what to say and we just sit there sipping our tea

It wasn’t till I few shouts rang out that either of them realized they hadn’t seen the boys for a while

I shoot outta my chair so fast I beat Al to his feet

"RHYS!" I yell out the panic starting to build up my eyes darting around the large garden even more panic setting in when I can’t see him

"Your highness!"

Al could hear the panic in my voice as his eyes too searched the garden

"AL OVER HERE!" We hear a distressed Roberto call out for off in the garden

Instant momma bear mode activate

I took off towards Roberto’s voice without second thought

Alberto right on my heels

Dashing my way through the garden I skidded to a stop at the sight of Prince Roberto bent over what appeared to be a big hole in the ground

Instantly my heart dropped

I ran over to beside Roberto and looked down, “Rhys?!” Down in the hole was Rhys just outta arms reach

Seeing the look on his face triggered something inside me and I bit back my panic, knowing that if Rhys saw me panicking he’s panic to and that would be dangerous

"Are you ok buddy?" I asked forcing a calm and tender tone

"Y-yeah…." He mumbled out still in the verge of tears

"Ok it’s alright buddy we’re gonna get you out right away ok? Momma’s right here." I reassured him in a soft voice

He nodded and I continued to talk with him letting him know I was there and making sure to kept calm and assured that everything was going to be ok

Meanwhile Alberto was already in contact with rescuers in order to get Rhys safety out as fast as possible