Leru & Rhylen
(OCs from my fantasy/steampunk world, I swear one day the story will have a name)

Rhylen is kind of normal height (5’8”), but Leru is a fucking tree, so the poor thing looks like a midget.

also, remember when I used to make really simple minimal designs out of absolute laziness? yeah, that times are def over. welcome my horror vacui at its finest.

I promise I’ll write some kind of bio and description of the various races that populate the world! soon!

most people asked for Rhylen and Gane and they happen to be besties so… 

Rhylen and Gane were both raised inside the Linas Lake’s garrison, as both lost their parents when they were really young and found themselves to be kept there.

Rhylen belonged to a small clan of the nomad tribe of Tzika, a tribe known mostly for being shepherds and fine workers of soft metals. during a big rebellion in the lake region, that historians later named the Red Waters Spring, his people made the mistake of helping some Queen’s soldiers that survived an ambush carried by the rebels, and in reprisal the rebels attacked their camp at night, burning it and killing most of the clan. after the Queen’s army reinforcements repressed the rebellion, Rhylen and the few other survivors, that had been rescued by the soldiers and had been travelling in their follower’s camp, were offered to work into the garrison as a reward for their help, and Rhylen, that was eleven then, took that chance and moved in with the soldiers.

at that time Gane, was ten, and his only parent, his mother, that was a soldier in the army fought and died fighting against the rebels. not having other relatives and having always lived in the garrison, he was kept in as an helper. when Rhylen arrived, being him the only other person around his age, they ended up becoming friends (not without some conflicts at the beginning), becoming soldiers together and in the end they were scouted for the Claws together by Tara’n, that initially was interested just in Gane, but then realized they were more efficient as a team.

Gane is a feras, a human being whose looks are mixed with those of a beast. the beast whose characteristic feras possess are generally mammals, but in the area of the Gaethia Confederation there are winged feras.

Rhylen’s got his scars during the rebel attack in which his clan was slaughtered, and the weapon that caused is a sort of multiple tails whip with hooks at its ends, and because of the severe wounds the rebels believed him dead and left him there to bleed instead of finishing him.