Oh man, sorry for being inactive for awhile! Haven’t really been feeling like myself this past week and I can sense a little bit of artblock working through my brain recently. Uuuuugh, forgive me guys ;3; 

Here’s some doodles to make up for it! (;w;)/

"Two Seals Fighting Over A Grape"
  • (Tony and Pepper snogging on a rooftop)
  • (Tony pulls away)
  • Tony:This is weird
  • Pepper:No it's not weird.
  • Tony:It's ok right? ok, run that by me again.
  • (Snog some more then--)
  • Rhodey:I think it's weird.
  • Tony:
  • Pepper:
  • Rhodey:You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape..
  • Pepper:I had just quit--
  • Tony:Yeah--
  • Rhodey:You guys dont have to do that i heard the whole thing.
  • Tony:You should get lost.
  • Rhodey:I was here first. Get a roof.

I am not going to be that fan that hijacks everything to talk about her favorite character, no matter how tempting. So I’m not going to write the crossover fic that this gave me the idea for, because it is a lovely fic and deserves to be appreciated on its own. It’s a Tony/Pepper babyfic, and Rhodney is actually present as Tony’s best friend, which is really nice for Avengers fic. It’s adorable and sweet and funny, and you really should read it.

But damn. Not spoiling it, but anyone who knows me probably can figure out who I ended up picturing baby Spark growing up to be.