Dovahkiin (Dragon Born) - Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakensheild

By rhiw

- Bilbo Baggins had walked this earth a total of eight times in his past. He did remember them all, in some form or another, though he could rarely recall their names or faces, or very much detail about their lives at all. He always remembered their deaths, though. And he always remembered how it was someone – a well-meaning wizard, for instance – had shown up and enticed or blackmailed him away from his home and family to go off and die for the good of the world.

Much like what was happening now.

Or: How the dragon soul of Bilbo Baggins made a deal with Manwë and can’t seem to escape the consequences, and Thorin Oakenshield looks far too much like one of Bilbo’s dead husbands.

Holy shit fuck this is good. Like the idea is awesome and so much Middle Earth background and world building and it’s bloody amazing. 10/10

Work In Progress. Multi Chapter. Rating - M - Graphic Violence - Major Character Death (but not really, see reincarnation). 25 295 words. 

Can be found here on AO3


So as most of you know I’ve fallen into the post-BOFTA pit of neverending feelings and have been consuming fanfiction at an alarming rate since then.  I’m loving the fic Dovahkiin by Rhiw rn (feat. dragonborn!Bilbo) and thought I’d try my hand at sketching some of Bilbo’s past lives.