Cheese N Beer is proud to present the first installment of “CNB: Spectrum”, a new series of electronic music.

CNB: Spectrum signals an expansion: the extension of space and sound for both established and emerging artists. Spectrum aims to celebrate chip music’s accomplishments by deliberately stretching its boundaries. These concerts pay homage to our community by challenging the very limits of chip music we’ve established. We’re excited to do so by actively welcoming diverse styles, platforms, and media to this series of shows: you will never fully know what to expect.

We hope you’ll join us for our debut at Brooklyn Fireproof East!

Thursday Aug 4 2011
21+ FREE
9:00pm - 12:00am


NO CARRIER (Brooklyn, NY) []

Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete repurposed electronics to create high energy low resolution abstract video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide. In his hometown of Philadelphia Miller organizes and curates 8static, a monthly showcase of low-bit music and video. He also serves as a Director of Playpower, a non-profit organization that works to bring low-cost educational games to developing countries.


Chipocrite (Philadelphia, PA) []

Chipocrite aka Paul Weinstein (former bassist of MJ Project, Philadelphia’s favorite jamtronfusion monstergroup) started making music with Game Boys in early 2009. It was the sound he felt he was destined to create, a mix of old and new, a way to bridge the comforting video game tones he grew up with and the complex but catchy songs he was hearing in his head all those years later. He’s constantly adding new songs to his repertoire, which has been described as “upbeat and danceable.” It’s exciting, it’s neato, and, above all, it’s some of the most fun he’s ever had making music.

Zen Albatross (Brooklyn, NY) []

By day, Brooklyn journalist Zen Albatross worriedly studies the rapidly decaying culture of information politics, technology and creative freedom. He processes these anxieties into cathartic expressions of audible violence, crafting colossal obelisks of hip-shaking sound using the antiquated circuitry of a Nintendo Game Boy. His fascination with chip music, its history and associated disciplines has led him to speak and perform in cities across the US, as well as publish articles on the subject for various outlets including VICE Magazine’s, Racketboy and Original Sound Version.

DaPantz (Bronx/Brooklyn, NY) []

Uptown New York’s sarcastically named DaPantz is an electronic musician based in the Bronx. Exploring large-scale issues through low-grade gear, he creates an array of heavy beats and industrial melodies rooted in distortion, design, and discourse. Adopting a critical view of disorder, DaPantz creates challenging, but ultimately thrilling pieces of autobiography that push outdated hardware to its contemporary limit.

rhinostrich (Ridgewood, NY) []

Drum & Bass via Piggy Tracker/NY.


Brooklyn Fireproof East
119 Ingraham St (at Porter Ave)
Brooklyn NY 11237

L train to Morgan Ave

Google Map:

A new music series is starting up in Brooklyn this Thursday courtesy of our friends at Cheese ‘n Beer. CNB: Spectrum will use chip music as a base for an expanded exploration of NYC’s electronic music fringe.

To commemorate I’ll be premiering some new material, accompanied by visuals from No Carrier and sets from rhinostrich, DaPantz and Chipocrite.

And it’s free. Save your money and buy back some of that medical coverage the government is taking away from you.

Or just buy a beer. Whatever.

Thursday, August 4th 2011

Brooklyn Fireproof East
119 Ingraham Street (L to Morgan Ave)
Brooklyn NY 

9 PM
FREE (21+) 

Rhinostrich - CODAME Featured Musician

 shit’s broke! come back later. 

in the mean time…
rhinostrich is featured on:


Come out to Vegas to celebrate, dance and hack with rhinostrich at DEFCON x CODAME

Our boys Chipocrite and Rhinostrich are playing I/O on MONDAY 3/7 at Niagara !

Check it out ! CNB is reppin’ hard at I/O tomorrow! Our bros Chipocrite and Rhinostrich will be joined by Animal Style, Iron Curtain and Batsley Adams. The show costs $FREE DOLLARS!

I/O Chip Music NYC : Monday March 7 2011
21+, FREE, 730pm

Animalstyle (PHIL, PA)
Joey Mariano is known for bringing a heavily improvised approach to chip music with his Gameboy Foot controller + the 8bit fuzz pedal. Currently he is working with the Sega Genesis, and producing NES cartridge albums with No Carrier.

Chipocrite (PHIL, PA)
Paul Weinstein (former bassist of MJ Project, Philly’s favorite jamtronfusion monstergroup) started making music with Game Boys in early 2009. It’s exciting, it’s pretty cool, and, above all, it’s some of the most fun he’s ever had making music. Enjoy!

Rhinostrich (BRKLYN, NY)
…is a monster, and wields a wicked pair of GP2X’s with which he lays down a set of hardcore beats and dance grooves using Little Piggy Tracker.

Iron Curtain (BRKLYN, NY)
Samuel “Iron Curtain” Abram arms his Game Boy with an LSDJ cart and fires a sonic assault of selections from his album “Saturday Thirst”.

visuals by:
Batsly Adams
An electrical engineer who struggles with seeing anything to completion (that’s not awesome).

I/O at Niagara Bar
112 Avenue A
b/w 7th St and Ave A
New York NY 10009

F train to 2nd Ave/6 train to Astor Place

Google Map:

I/O is a monthly chip music and visuals show in New York City’s Lower East Side. I/O is free to play and free or low cost to attend, with the aim of providing exposure and new audiences for chip musicians and visualists.

presented by Alphabet City Soup
hosted by The Antagonist Art Movement

Watch on

Rhinostrich @ Hexawe All Stars

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Stoking the Forge: Moon Mountain by Temple Maps

Stoking the Forge: Moon Mountain by Temple Maps

Elias Foley, otherwise known as Temple Maps is one of the more esoteric Chip-musicians I’ve had the pleasure of covering yet.  I

first encountered

his work a couple months ago at the May meeting of Portland’s


.  With a chill and ambient style, his set stood in stark contrast to his fellow performers (




) sharing the stage with him that night, and left me with a…

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