Rhen's story

Rhen used to be the protector of an elven settlement. He was trusted to keep danger out of the town’s borders.

After a long time of peace, the village began to suffer from a mysterious illness that even the best healers could not cure.
The afflicted became pale and shrivelled, as if their lives were passing at a quickened pace. They wasted away within days – losing their teeth and becoming short of breath. While their outward appearance did not seem to age, the insides of their bodies aged by years with each hour that passed.

Rhen found out that it was the work of sinister magic and that a witch was behind it all. Eventually he found the witch’s dwelling. There was a haggard-looking elven woman and a magnificent wolf familiar.
The woman goaded Rhen to take action or return to the village as a failure for keeping the town safe. She spoke of how taking the life energy from the villagers with her magic spell would allow her to bring back the town and people she lost many years ago in a huge fire.

Rhen noticed that the woman’s eyes were glassy and though her mouth moved while she spoke, she never seemed to pause for breath.
So he turned his attention to the wolf and then after a struggle, he was able to kill it.
It turned out that the witch had disguised herself as the wolf and used the dead woman as a puppet as a safeguard in case an attacker came a-knockin’ at her door.

Well, now she was dying and with her last breaths, she placed an enchantment on Rhen, to slowly turn him into a wolf that would eventually attack his village.
The transformation is a slow process and is painful due to the magic forcing his skeleton to change and flesh and skin being rearranged.
He’ll probably change completely within a year.
His ability to talk is slowly fading away – replaced by more gutteral sounds and wolfish growls.
Even during the early parts of this process, he feels compelled to attack any villagers he sees, so he has to stay away from the village.

Unfortunately, without him to protect the townspeople (most of the villagers are children and elders), rogues have begun to take advantage of the food and supplies that the people worked hard to obtain.

(To be continued, on account of losing my stream of thought right now XD)

Rhen fanart. She’s the heroine of the first Aveyond game. Her pose is my interpretation of one of the earlier scenes of the game.

Click the source for the full-size.
I don’t mind people coloring it, but I’d really appreciate it if whoever decides to do it alerts me so that I can appreciate the full-colored version. :P 

Releasing negative emotion through “artistic” means really work for me.

December 02 2011

me (you), maren (love), and christine (I) they are both part of the isbu girls. yan kami-kami lang magkakasama as ALWAYS.

taken 2 hours ago ^_^ love the ambiance and our background. gondo lalo na pag-gabi. ahe! sayang umulan kasi pero ayos parin naman ahehe :) 


Collection of favorite commissions I have had done for Grim and Charles from over the last year of making them something of my own!

I want to say thank you to all of the people who dedicated their time to these pieces when I ordered these and want to say “Thank You!”.

There are plenty of NSFW ones, but I don’t think I really need to post those in one post.

I am always looking for more art of these two, adding more to my collection! Currently about 40+ pieces strong!!!

Thank you to - steffydoodles, dreamxxdream, shofie-ffxiv/ rhen-ffxiv, reallyshinyvoid, captainbaschdrawsthings, ashlenhart, officialalisaie-side, Acusta (deviantart), Mano-chan (deviantart), and eguana (deviantart).