nthmetal asked:

I'm in love with your work and I'm so curious as to how you go about your process. Do you ink first before you watercolor or is it the other way around. I've found that my inks sometimes run if I do them first. Have a lovely day dear!

Oh, thanks so much! :] 
I have plans to post a bunch of process videos and the likes over Christmas break, so stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile, in answer to your specific question, I usually sketch out the images in pencil and then ink with either Microns (more often then not) or Winsor inks. Then, I use either watercolor or gouache (or both), let dry. Then sometimes I go back over my lines with ink again. Just depending on how I want the final image to look. 


Yesterday in orchestra it was decided we were going to play Rhapsody In Blue! I was excited! I heard it in Nodame Cantabile, but I would really like to play Symphony No.7 1st Movement +_+ Oh well… ╮(╯3╰)╭ I couldn’t even play, too sick :/ I just sat there and heard them play #orchestra #RhapsodyInBlue #SymphonyNo7 #SymphonyNo71stMovement #1stMovement #NodameCantabile #classicalMusic #music


Get ready for our year end concert, the Bernstein Bash! As a transition, here is a video of Leonard Bernstein playing and conducting Rhapsody in Blue.