When I saw this picture, my jaw just dropped below the deepest ocean. Ok i’m just kidding but really, I was so shocked by the angelic face of Jinyoung-oppa! He is such a beautiful creature.

Kureso, I just want to ask him. Why oppa? Wae? Why are you so handsome that I can’t lower my standards! Chos. I like you, but you don’t even know me, even in your wildest dreams. So I guess, I will only be your fan. Maybe I have to wait for us to meet (in my wildest dreams)

Raikhun :) yours forever and NEVER!


Die Jahreszahl der Knospen und Neuanfänge. Einige kriegen die Chance, ein neues Kapitel aufzuschlagen. Andere werden davon überrascht, etwas aufblühen zu sehen. Aber für die meisten ist der Frühling einfach eine Erinnerung daran, dass in RGBG alles alte auch wieder neu werden kann.

                                                                                     XO XO, C.C


Why PenTile Matrix for SIII? We got our answer.

After the Galaxy S III announcement many people, including us, were wondering why Samsung decided to use a PenTile Super AMOLED screen instead of an Super AMOLED Plus unit.

Well, a Samsung spokesman has explained why. The reason turned out to be plain simple – it’s not because Samsung can’t satisfy the demand – it’s just that the PenTile will last longer.

As it turns out, the RGB AMOLEDs degrade much faster than the PenTile AMOLEDs so the picture quality becomes worse faster. The blue pixels are the ones to blame – they degrade faster than the red and green pixels. The PenTile displays have less blue pixels because of the RGBG subpixel layout and that’s why they have longer life span.

Samsung wants to ensure top-notch display quality even two or three years after the users get their Galaxy S III and it seems the only way is to use PenTile displays.

Does that mean that the Galaxy S II users have only two years of proper service ahead?

Let us hope not because S II was one of the best smartphones they ever released.