“It’s uh, nice to meet you…I-I’m not wearing a shirt…”

Where all your requests will be granted!
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here are some other blogs I run, to update new followers/followers with narrow interest in what I do here/everyone:

  • geschmacklose​ is my shoeblog. recently I haven’t been that meticulous about tagging but I get really into that space on season changes and I have super fun tag menus and I luv it it’s my baby
  • somethingmcqueen​ is my wedding blog
  • xoxogossipghoul​ is my monster high/dollblog
  • I have a blog about cats helping with crafting called knitty-litter​ which I titled SUBLIME SCRITCHING which is probably my masterpiece. I don’t update there a lot so pleaaaase submit!!
  • I also have an xmas blog and I don’t post there until November at the earliest so if you luv xmas you can follow it now without fear. it is called shiny-brite
  • I used to run a blog about film that has more followers than there are people in the city I live in lmao poop emoji

I also have two other sideblogs in the works about which I AM! pumped!!!

  • wheat-americana is a blog I reserved (named after my fave homer laughlin pattern) for tableware and probably ceramics, I haven’t done anything yet but I am GOING to!!

  • I just started this blog for the purpose of gathering together some examples of specific types of ephemera about cities and buildings. right now I am adding photos of pieces from my matchbook collection and related imagery that I find for a specific thing I am working on with somebody ;) but in the longterm I will probably use it to post cool idk printed matter? souvenirs? Vegas kitsch? a more comprehensive archive of my matchbooks? I’m not really sure but it’s cool you should follow it

“… I have a castle on a cloud… I like to go there in my sleep… aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud…” She sang quietly to herself, flipping the page in her script.