How To Revise Your Novel At A Glance
Written by Darcy Pattison

So you’ve written a novel?

You should be thrilled, but you’re filled with dread.

Because you need to revise your novel.

Revising a novel looms large because novels are complex. So we break them into manageable parts called chapters.

A chapter is short, covers a few pages, and usually deals with only a few plot points, or small character goals.

Revising one chapter at a time simplifies the process of revising your novel, but it’s a misleading revision. Consider the complexity of a novel in all its glory:

  • Novels cover a wide scope in theme, setting and events.
  • Novels involve many characters, and delve deep into their inner lives.
  • Novels include a series of interlocking plot points or character goals.
  • Often, several subplots weave in and out of the main plot, to add extra layers of complexity.
  • Over the course of a novel, a character must change and evolve, while staying true to their inner life.

With so much complexity, novelists struggle to keep everything in mind. Enter the shrunken manuscript.

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