OH YEAH. 10 of us took this thing down tonight.


1 warrior, 2 shammys, 3 hunters, 1 druid, 2 priests, & 1 mage.

I died pretty early on; we had heard that it was slow and if you keep moving in wide circles, backwards, around it, you’d be okay. I was the canary who discovered that its speed had been boosted since our strategy gossip was apparently made. Priest gave me a rez and for the rest of the fight I managed to stay out of its way by strafing parallel to it, making sure the head never turned in my direction.

Don’t have much other info, but maybe a tidbit would help someone in the future. :D

So happy to have found this guild. Guildies help each other out all the time, chat, very active, have fun, and are always up for suicidal challenges. ^_^

[Wrath on Borean Tundra - always adding new members, always open to pick up dungeons & raids, old & new content]

My troll hunter runs into the druidic version of P.E.T.A. (aka D.E.T.A.)
  • DETA NPC:You're welcome here if you believe in non-violence towards animals and living in peace and harmony with all creatures!
  • Rezzarllok:Dis da place dat be wantin' proof a' death from dose little humans dat be treasure huntin'?
  • DETA NPC:Those poachers from Nesingwary's expedition, yes.
  • Rezzarllok:Good, cause I be hearin' dat someone out here be wantin' dese ears I got.
  • DETA NPC:Oh, perfect! Yes, for every 15 ears you bring us, we'll reward you. But no harming animals! You don't harm animals, right?
  • Rezzarllok:Uhhhh no, mon. Course not. /eyedart
  • DETA NPC:My, that's a large gun you're carrying. Say, have you heard of Nessingwary?
  • Rezzarllok:Nessy? Course I do! I'm a hunt--
  • Rezzarllok:--Huntin' him down, yeah. Dat's what I do. *makes mental note not to wear autographed t-shirt from Stranglethorn*
  • DETA NPC:Good, then we can do business.
  • Rezzarllok:/toothy grin