Magcon Preferences 1 - Where you go on your first date?

Cameron - Drive in Movies


Carter - Fairground


Nash - Beach


Taylor - Disneyland


Shawn - Concert


Aaron - restaurant


Matt - Bowling


Jack G - Waterpark


Jack J - Movies


Hayes - Arcade


Jacob - Picnic


Imagine: Cameron Dallas- I Can't Be Mad At You Forever

First Imagine Tell Me What You Guys Think And If You Guys Want Me To Do More. Thank You And I Hope You Guys Like It. 

"Te odio!(I Hate you)" I yelled to Cameron. I tend to speak Spanish when I get mad.

This whole fight started with a picture of him and a girl making out. I didn’t care so much about who the girl was but the action that was taken.

"It was a long time ago!" Cameron yelled back.

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Preference #1

Favorite Feature

Nash: He loves your eyes, as cliche as it sounds. He could always get lost in your eyes. He thought they were mesmerizing. When ever you both talked for awhile you always had to ask if he was listening by the way he looked into your eyes.

Cameron: He loves your hands. He loves how big his hands are compared to yours. he would always hold your hand our play with your fingers as you would be watching a movie.

Hayes: He loves your legs. He loves how when you run your muscles flex. When veer your laying down with he would always have a hand on your leg, or he would put your legs on his lap when you were on the couch

Matt: He loves your smile. He loves making silly faces just to see your pearly white teeth. Whenever your taking pictures he would tickle your sides to make your smile was true and your teeth were shooing.

Carter: He loves your lips. He would always kiss you on the ups and never anywhere else. He loved how plump they were and when your were sleeping he would trace your features but always end up at your lips.

Jack J: He loved your sense of laugh He would always say his cheesy and stupid jokes to make you laugh, even though you hated it. He thought it was the best thing about you

Jack G: He loves your nose. He would awash kiss your nose or bop it. It always made you giggle, considering jack being jack you would never expect your nose to be his favorite thing.

Sammy: He loves your freckles. He loved how they were so light you could barely tell but when he looked at your face that was the first thing he noticed. He would sometimes trace them when he was bored

Shawn: He loves your butt.He would always watch you when y’all went to the gym or when you would pick up something off of the ground. He loved when you sat on his lap, because he would whisper things into your ear about you at the gym.

Aaron: He loves your hair. he loved how soft and smooth it is. He didn’t care if it was long or short, if it was up or down. He loved how it complimented your face.

Taylor: He loves your stomach. He loved how your torso was long and small. Whenever you lied on the couch his hand always ended under your shirt at the rim of your shirt, his hand just laying on your stomach

Dillion: He loves your collar bones. He would always kiss you there or run his fingers over the bones, as they stuck out.

Jacob: He loves your voice. He thought just your voice when you talked was so intriguing yet comforting and calming. He could talk with you for hours on hours but never talk, just so he could listen you your voice.

Magcon Preferences 2 - Your First Pet




Aaron -


Taylor -




Cameron -


Jack G -


Jack Johnson -




Jacob  -




Hayes -


Breaking Point - Matt Espinosa Imagine (his pov)

I should be over you. But I’m not. All I’m left with is your memory. You always had that affect on people though. You always left people wanting more. Not even in a sexual sense. Just your presence and your goofy smile. And your eyes that were always so incredibly bright.

It’s been 4 months and I’m still laying in this bed. Sulking. When did I become this person? I never let a failed love drag me down. But this time it’s different.

The boys keep calling to check up on me. I hardly answer, but when I do, I don’t tell them how bad I feel. They don’t question it, but I guarantee they can see right through my lies.

If you could see me right now, you’d probably yell at me or give me a lecture, telling me that I don’t need to keep crying over you. You’d tell me to go outside and get some exercise. You always loved to run. Then you’d probably tell me to go eat a decent meal because Lord knows I haven’t had one in a while. I haven’t been able to eat because of the giant lump in my throat.

These past two weeks, I’ve gotten aggressive. I guess I’m just angry with myself for letting you slip between my fingers. I punched a wall last week. Cameron thought for sure I would need stitches, but I refused to go to the hospital. I threw my lamp off of my nightstand last night. It was the one you liked so much. It shattered into a million pieces. Something quite similar to my heart.

I fell so hard for you. But any normal person would fall for someone like you. You were always so kind. Always willing to go out of your way to help someone in need. Even when hate from the fans got bad, you didn’t subject yourself to it. You always spoke positively.

You taught me so many things. You taught me how to love, how to accept others, you taught me the importance of life and death. You showed me what it was to be strong. But right now? I don’t think I’m doing so hot. I can’t be strong without you. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

I’m slowly reaching my breaking point.

Major Details

Chapter 1

I pull up to the this massive buidling, probably 35 stories high.

i walk in through the glass doors and a woman with her hair in a high bun and glasses ont the tip of her nose looks straight at me

"Do you have an appointment?" I nod my head and give her my name. Her fingers type away at the keyboard. "Ok, he will see you now. Just around the corner and to left =, first door to your right." She says sweetly giving her a more approachable apperance. "Thank you."

I follow her directions and lightly knock on the door when i reach it. “Come in.”

I open the door and there is a man sitting in a big dark green chair, dressed in a professional suit. As i walk in he stands up and sticks his hand out to greet me. “You must be hunter.” “Yes i am.” i reply shaking his hand.

"Please sit." i do as he says and sit in the chair infront of the desk. "So hunter, i guess your wondering why you are here." I nod my head. "Well I’m offering you a job." He takes in a deep breathe and exhales as if he is nervous.

"If you accept what you will be doing is important to any people." "Umm ok" i say quiet confused and nervous myself.

"We will place you in a position where you will be dating jack gilinsky." "I’m sorry who?" i interupt. "Jack gilinsky is a boy who is rising in fame, but he has done many things that are against the law, and that’s where you come in."

"me?" I say confused. "Yes you." "You will be proving him as a guilty person." I take in short breathes and almost laughing. "So you want me to ruin this poor boy’s career." i say unbelieving this man.

"No you will be doing the world a favor." I scoff. "You have to be fucking kidding me! No! i will not do this. I will not riun someones career just because you want me too."

I stand up to make my anger clear. “It’s not just me! There are thousands of other people who want you to do this.” I almost scream in his face at his selfishness.

I turn to walk out of the now small and compact room that is sufficating me. Asi reach for the door handle he says something that causes me to stop. “I’ll pay you five hundred thousand dollars.”

My breathe hitches in my throat. “I know you need it.” “H-how do you know that?” I say now shaking. “Kim told me. Actually Kim is the one who agreed to the idea.” Kim? I trust Kim with every bone in my body. She is so sweet. Why would she agree to this?

I sit back down in the chair slowly. “Ok, talk.” He smirks at me knowing he has won. “Great,” He says in the most disturbing tone, it literally gives me chills.

He explains the plan. I dont want to do this, not in the slightest bit. But we need the money. We could pay the bills and pay for college and for carson’s school and the whole list o stuff.

"I’ll do it." I say almost crying. "Great I will call you thursday, and we can set up when you leave."

I walk out of the room making me claustrophobic. I ignore the woman telling me to have a good day a walk straight to my car.

I open it and just sit there for a bit. I cover my mouth with my hands, letting a few tears fall. “What have I done” I mumble to myself.

I whipe my face and start me my to drive back home. I pull out of the now abbdoned praking lot and drive onto the highway. As i reach it the thoudsands of red lights cover the street. “God damn it.” I say hitting my steering wheel.

After the many hours of waiting in the traffic, i finally make it home. I unlock the door and kick off my shoes.

"Hunter!" Carson says running towards me. "Where have you been?" I begin to shake again. I can’t tell him. So I lie. "i was at the library studying. I have a lot of test this week." He must believe it because he nods and walks into the kitchen

I am so exhauted that i just walk to my room and fall onto my bed. I crawl underthe sheet sand just close my eyes. I think about everything. I’m not this person.

I don’t ruin peoples lives. I don’t get paid thousands of doallrs to do it to. This isn’t me.

I can’t sleep so i get out of bed and walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. I find some steak and lick my lips. I place it on a plate and put inside the microwave. I walk around waitning for the timer to beep.

I sit down at the table and see loads of papers on it. I pick up one and each one is another bill. I start shuffling through it all. I finally stop when catches my eye. In big read leters are the letter important. I open it and read the letter. I run my hands through my hair outting the letter down. It explained on how if we don’t hurry up and pat our house will go for fore closer.

My lip shakes, my legs feel weak. Tears are spilling from my eyes. To much has happened today. The microwae beeps, bringing me out of my dazed state. I get, practaically falling down as i do. I pull the foos out and begin eating. I don’t need any untensils and im to hungry to care.

After I finish i walk back to my room again and open my laptop. I decide to look up this person i will be ruining, so i type in jack gilinsky. Hundreds of results pop up. I click on the first link. The title says ‘Bad boy gone crazy?’ The article says

"Bad boy jack gilinsky was seen being carried out of a bar because fight. How much trouble can this boy get into?’ There is a picture of him being carried out by a big burrley man. I back out and click on images.

There is one of him in handcuffs and another of him with a blonde boy both with smoke coming out of thier mouths. There is also one with holding a bottle of alcohol. But i must admit he is ver attractive. He has mezmirisng eyes and and plump lips.

'What am I doing?' I think. “He is bad for you. He is a abd person and You will destroy him ok.” i say to myself.

I shut my laptop and decide to go back to sleep, feeling like that will take away most of the stress.