you know i still love the theory like newcomers in smash bros have to battle Captain Falcon in order to get in.


A dog and a duck wanted to be SO BAD in Smash that they managed to gather all their strength to beat up a muscled man who is the definition of manliness 

hugs are for mugs

wrote this for this handsome fuck - he originally requested “tucker & wash’s first hug” but i ran with that and made it sad and gay. 

follow on from last week’s episode (S12E17), the freelancers have a plan and it’s one that definitely involves saying goodbye.

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Attention Cosplay fans! We are having an outdoor Pre-NYCC Cosplay pop up event in Brooklyn, surrounded by the beautiful city water scenery. Even if you are (or are not) a Metal Gear Solid fanatic, everyone is welcome to join this event! Cosplay your favorite character and come out to meet and take pictures with awesome Metal Gear Solid Cosplayers! Raiden, Snake and the Metal Gear REX will be there to escort your visit!

Cosplay is not required but any Cosplayer gets a chance to win amazing, hand-made giveaway prizes from the game! It’s going to be the most unique and intense pop-up Brooklyn has seen yet!

PLEASE NOTE: functional toy weapons are prohibited*

Please let us know if you are joining at the event page link below XD