One of the main differences between RTD and Moffat is how they treat their characters.

In series 1, Rose was the answer to the puzzle “Bad Wolf”.

In series 7, Clara was the puzzle.

The Day the Fandom Died (a.k.a. my personal breakdown of the new trailer) PART TWO

Okay so I’m still unable to function properly or even think/talk about this trailer without hyperventilating from excitement. Just this morning I was talking to a friend of mine at school and she had to reminded me that I had yet to take a breath.

Anyways, upon re-watching this trailer about four million more times, I noticed something that kind of sent up a red flag in my head.

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When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.


Kix throwing his weight around.

(No, I’m not yet resuming my TCW bingewatching, but “The Deserter” is in the current season AND I CAN’T HOLD BACK MUCH LONGER!)

BUT… Kix insistence on having the good Captain rest… certainly had MUCH bearing on Rex’s worldview. That clones, even though engineered to fight as soldiers, are all entitled to a choice in life.


I think it’s definitely a huge loss for the Divas Division. We were definitely shocked inside to hear it. I think AJ brought a lot to the Divas Division and it’s definitely gonna be a loss for us. But I hope and I think a lot of girls now will step up, open up more opportunities for the Divas but she’ll definitely be miss and she always has a home here in the WWE. — Nikki Bella on AJ Lee’s Retirement.