Readjusted StellaSparkles.
She was my second hula hoop. I bought it from MistressHooptress at a WidespreadPanic concert parking lot. She use to be a little too light for my skill level. Pink and silver glitter tape and grey griptape.
One night after vending and hooping at the Pour House, on Maybank Highway, I soberly drove over my darlin hoop in a dark gravel parking lot.
Since then, I’ve acquired more hoops and have downgraded to a 35”.
I cut off 6” of tubing and she’s light. Around 34” or less. Chest hooping is surprisingly easy for being the smallest hoop I own. I need to get her rewrapped now though. This time in yellow and red.

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Red x Rainbow Agate Twin Wrap Bracelet Collage on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
[RE-WRAP] Handmade Wrap Bracelet by Caine Kindred @ Black Boudoir

Wraps twice around wrist size 6.5”

Bohemian/Surfer Casual Style

~ Inspired by Chan Lulu’s Wrap Bracelets Series

~ Material: Rainbow Agate Stone Beads, Cross Symbolic Brass Button & Maroon Red Cow Hide Leather Cord

I got StellaSparkles finally rewrapped! It was a hula hoop I got vending a Widespread Panic show here in Charleston.
She was so beautiful. Pink and fuchsia and yellow. I named her StellaSparkles.
Almost a year later, I soberly drove over her in the Pour House gravel parking lot. She got pretty scuffed. All the sparkle tape was already in rough shape from hooping in driveways and such. She was so sad.
I got her rewrapped by StellaSparkles has been reborn!
She’s alive!!!
Now it’s like a brand new hoop. She’s one of my smaller hoops. Fast. The sparkle tape and pink grip tape allow for a great flow. Not too light, yet heavy enough for solid breaks and isolations. She’s definitely going w me to Hoop Convergence!
Oh right, I forgot to mention, I’m going to NC in May for a hooper’s retreat. I’m elated!
Thanks mom!

Okay so I screwed up and had to rewrap the bow in tape again, but I found this powdery paper mache stuff at Michaels and covered the bottom (Yes bottom disregard placement) of the bow in it on one side. I’m gonna see how it dries tomorrow and apparently it can be sanded? It doesnt add that much extra weight to the bow but we’ll see what happens.

Still experimenting. I still got time.