• Eliot:I know what you're gonna say, Nate, but I want to tell you something about Toby. He taught me how to use a knife.
  • Nate:Use a knife?
  • Eliot:No. Not like I use a knife. He taught me how to cook. I was out of the service, and I was working for my second PMC. And the jobs we were taking were way across the line - past extractions and security actions.
  • Nate:Wetwork.
  • Eliot:Yeah. Anyway, I met Toby. We were reconning this restaurant in Belgium. And I should have closed him out. I should have been in and out in under 90 seconds. But I ended up talking to him for three hours. He showed me that I could use my knife to create instead of destroy. I stuck around for a couple of months. He taught me everything there was about the art of food, and I... He's one of the guys that kept me from falling all the way down. So now, I'm asking the other guy to understand why I'm gonna help him.

Dressing like a Queen
-> Felicity’s Outfits (( 1/?)) 1x03 Lone Gunman

So, I really have no time to finish the reviews according to the schedule so I thought this would be a fun little project to do during the rewatch. I’ll still be doing reviews, but only when I have the time because those take hours to do per ep >x<

Slowly documenting Felicity’s outfits in every episode. Yes, i do know that there are websites that show what she wears but I thought it would be fun to draw according to what I could see in the episode.

I actually guessed the shoes because she sits down in the whole episode so I can’t see them. Also, I didn’t realise her skirt was patterned, and that she was wearing a belt. The little things you notice when you’re really staring =w=

And they’ll all be accompanied by my favourite quote from her in the episode (unless she wears more than one, then my favourite quote from when she was wearing the outfit).
It was hard to choose between this one or “I thought you said this was your laptop?” but in the end I decided to go with the more iconic one -w-

I hope to compile all of these at the end and make them into prints or a sticker set or something 0w0

olicityalamode geniewithwifi

i love how every time mulder is about to say “it’s aliens” scully just says “mulder.” in that one tone that most definitely indicates that she’s giving him a warning to shut his mouth