"I rode a very early ride yesterday with my Revolights. At about 6 am I stopped for some water and a number of the truck drivers came up to look at them. They were all talking about them over their radios and confirmed that they could see me very far away. One even comments "Anyone that says they do not see you is lying." I love these lights and everyone is giving me extra room when I have them on." - Peter Kaleda

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Photo by @BLinscott

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Morning commute
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Come at me bikejerks.

Dawes SST. It’s almost too big i know. I needed a bike quick, this one i got from craiglist and couldn’t wait for a kilo tt to ship. Plus i was poor(er). nashbar pursuit bars, origin 8 grips, gr9s, revolights are what I put on… it had drops with gold bar tape, front aerospoke and plastic pedals when I got it. Gross.

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We live vicariously through our users. Here are our favorite revosightings of April. Thanks to @brittlebrian @msrosescycling @kelvin779 @elijahzaneecheveste @amsterdamized and everyone else who used the hashtag #revosighting! Keep’em coming. (at Revo HQ)