Strive for five challenge — [4/5] Family Ships: Connor Bennett & Sebastian Monroe (Revolution)

"It won’t be for nothing. People are gonna remember your name, I’ll make sure of it.


REVOLUTION | 1.14 | Charlie & Miles - Pt. 1

"Pack your crap, we’re going to Georgia."



My name is Charlotte Matheson…and all the stories are t r u e.


Season Unending - Eponine’s vow

"Fire of my blood," she teases, using those archaic terms of endearment that she sometimes makes fun of him for. "The air in my lungs." She brushes a lock of stray golden hair from his forehead, and her voice is still light-hearted, but her gaze is serious. "You. Always you."


REVOLUTION | S1: Charlie & Miles

That uncle you knew when you were little?

I can’t be him right now.


Season Unending - Azelma’s song

After a few seconds of this hopeless impasse, she takes pity on him. “You can sing me a bedtime song.”

"I do not know any."

Her mouth drops open. “Not even one?”

He shrugs, and they’re back to staring at each other. He briefly contemplates dialing Éponine and telling her to find a new boyfriend, because he isn’t cut out for this.

"I can teach you," Azelma says at last. She pats an empty space on the mattress and he cautiously perches on the edge of her bed. “This one’s my favorite. Sing it after me, okay?"

"Okay," Enjolras says, but it comes out sounding like a confused question.

She grins, mischievous and shy all at once. And then she starts to sing, with a child’s lilting voice, with a child’s pronounced lisp, “How many miles to Babylon?”


I pretend to be cute on this show but I came here to show off my chest as always


REVOLUTION | Charlie + Hugs

There’s no way of knowing who we’ll see, and who we won’t see again. Not anymore.


Season Unending - Angels

The door slid open, revealing a boy and a girl who held up their badges in Courfeyrac’s face, gold wings and calligraphic letters shining on paper. 

"Greetings from the Metatron," chirped the girl, in a voice that was all sun and honey. "I am Cosette, and this is my partner, Marius."

connormonroeismyking said:

☠ - angry/violent headcanon Ben Matheson

☠ (angry/violent headcanon) - I have a headcanon that when they were young, that Ben was very protective of Miles. One day Miles came home with a black eye and split lip and when Ben found out who gave it to him, he kicked their ass.


Ben, Charlie + Rachel | Flashback | 1.02

One week after the Blackout


Charlie + Danny | 1.01

How ‘bout we actually go hunting, for once?

No one’s stopping you.



What you gotta understand is things used to be different. We used electricity for everything; for our computers, our phones. Even to grow food and pump water. But after the Blackout nothing worked. Not even car engines or jet turbines. Hell, even batteries. All of it gone forever. People starved. Sickness without medicine. Fires without firetrucks. Governments fell. Militias rose up. If you were smart you left the city. If you weren’t - you died there…

The world went insane overnight, and nobody knows why. — Aaron Pittman, S01E01.


REVOLUTION | ParallelsMiles & Monroe | 1.14  -  2.13

Whispering like housewives.