The only thing more humbling (and exciting!) than being included in Vanity Fair’s 11 Shows You Should Binge-Watch Over The Holiday Break is the fact that we’re mentioned alongside such incredible shows like Twin Peaks and Broadchurch and Black Mirror! Holy sheet!

Here’s an excerpt:

The 100: Bear with me on this one. Despite its teenage pedigree and familiar, Hunger Games–esque post-apocalyptic setting, The 100 is surprisingly great television. Sure, it looks like a somewhat grimy Abercrombie & Fitch ad from the outside, but this show has bona fide sci-fi action-adventure pedigree if you can stick with it past the first few rocky episodes. The closest binge-watch comparison I can make is to Battlestar Galactica, (but with teens!) and we all remember how addictive that show was.
Where can I watch it? Season 1 is on Netflix Instant.
How long will it take me? Thirteen episodes clocking in at about 9.5 hours.

Read the whole post with all the other awesome shows —> HERE.

Chai Korra, te llevaremos por siempre en el corazón


Con respecto al final de Korra, lo principal que hemos de comunicar a través de este espacio es:


Listo. Eso es todo lo que teníamos que decir. Que les vaya regio.

No, mentira. O casi.

El capítulo final de Korra no es sólo el capítulo final de Korra, es el finals de toda la serie Avatar y pucha, corazón roto po’. Cuando salió Korra nosotras nos pasamos el rollo al tiro: después de Korra, la Avatar tierra, después el fuego, después aire y así hasta el fin de los tiempos.

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NYC metro girl | Review

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out two products from NYC metro girl. For those who do not know, NYC Metro Girl is handcrafted bath products with superb quality, unique designs, and made in limited batches for highest of standards. There is a variety of products, from bath salts to body lotions, to oil perfumes, and even body or shave sets for men! I was so pleased with the products that NYC Metro Girl has to offer that I will be placing an order soon, but let’s get on to the reviews! Do not forget to check below for a promo code to get a discount on your order.

Creative Juice Perfume Oil

I have officially found my favorite, signature scent. If I had to pick one perfume that people would remember me by, it would be Creative Juice. There is warmth with Golden Amber, and Egyptian Musk, freshened with citrus, and other scents that create this blend. Applied to the wrists, behind the ears, and neck, this scent had people commenting on how great it smelled, and what it was I had on. I want this in a bottle because I just couldn’t get enough of it, and it’s my go-to scent. It is long-lasting, so reapplying isn’t necessary because the fragrance lingers throughout the day.

Energizing Soap Chips

This is a new product that will be launching in 2015, and I am looking forward to the other products in the line. I received the energized soap chips, and I have been using them when I shower in the mornings. It lathered up in a wash cloth, and soaped up really well. Often I have trouble with soap because of my sensitive skin, but I pleased to say this did not cause any issues! The scent is very light, and refreshing. It’s a crisp, clean scent that lingers throughout the day, which I enjoyed tremendously because I am not fond of fruity or floral scents when it comes to my soap or body wash. It’s a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ to start off the day.

50% Off Any Regular Priced Item
Promo Code: COLEEN

A very big thank you to Minnie for sending me these products to try. To check out NYC Metro Girl, click here! Do not forget the promo code!



I was lucky enough to go to Tulum, Mexico over Christmas this year. While there I did an authentic Mayan clay bath. I was told it would dry on my skin and pull all the toxins out. I was super skeptical at first - do I put it on my face? Wouldn’t it make me break out? What about my hair - my hair doesn’t need to be any drier, and putting clay all over it sure doesn’t seem like a good plan. But I decided to just go all out and see what happened. We smeared our whole bodies (hair and face included) in this clay, waited 10 minutes for it to dry in the sun, and then ran into the ocean to wash it off. 

The result? MAYAN CLAY IS AMAZING. Trust. My skin was softer than ever, I could immediately run my fingers through my hair, and after a day, the breakouts on my face were gone. This stuff is no joke. I just had to buy a jar to take home with me.

in case you were wondering, here is a list of all the things Mayan Clay can help with:

  • premature aging
  • skin rejuvenation/mineralization 
  • sunburn
  • acne
  • eye bags
  • detox
  • depression & menopause

(List taken from this site)

Try it and see for yourself. (P.S. Thanks for the photos, Mom)


Merry christmas!

We had a lovely day, Lucas got an “elf on the shelf” - which is amazing looking forward to that coming out next year! -  we’ve named him Buddy (obviously, with my obsession with ELF - if you didn’t know) and he came all the way from new york.
He also got a new walker! I think it’s a mini and Brad is saying sports car!
He also got converse, toms, toys, books, moomin bowl, plate, beaker, knife, fork and spoon set, mood lights and so much more! He was so spoilt and is such a lucky little Elf.
Santa bought him lots of lovely bits.

We were also very spoilt and we’re very grateful for that also. 
Both, Brad and I have wonderful families and that’s what made today special.

We had a wonderful christmas day, food, family, laughter and cuddles.
It was lovely. Thank you to all who shared it with us.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas, this is just a short post as we still have family boxing day to look forward to and then a second christmas with my dad on the 27th, but wanted to share some of photo’s of Lucas on christmas day!

Also… do you think it’s a sports car or a mini?

Colin Morgan Fandom Challenge

In light of the recent Testament of Youth review that basically panned everything and everyone BUT Colin, it got me to thinking:

Has Colin ever actually received a bad review? I mean, I’ve seen several bad reviews of things he’s been in that still praised him, but I’m struggling to think of an actual bad review of his work specifically. The worst I can recall was a “Ren & Stimpy” comment about his Puerto Rican accent in A Prayer for My Daughter (but it praised his work otherwise).

So, in an effort to engage your Google Fu skills, I am curious; what’s the worst review of Colin YOU can find?

Feel free to use reviews from non standard sources if you want; that might make this more interesting…

If you find one, I’d love it if you tacked it on to the end of this and reblogged. I’m curious to see how many there are. I’m guessing very few.

Banded — Chapter 3

So let’s sort those kids. And for all the jabs I’ve made at how similar this is to Divergent, I feel almost ashamed I missed the parallels of this particular concept with Harry Potter. I mean, it’s with a computer, not a hat, but aside from that, even the name of the ceremony is the same.

We all watched [the first kid to go], our eyes glued to her and nothing else; she was like the sacrificial lamb up for slaughter.

And could you please stop painting this as the most horrifying thing ever? You’re not selling it, and I am still confused as to how a dystopia can survive if no one supports the system.

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Yes, the new Dragon Age is open-world. 

But if we’ve learned anything from observing Anita Sarkeesian’s mouth… it’s that ‘open’ is not synonymous with ‘good’. 

Is DA3 a return to form? Or an even deeper backslide?