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"To put in terms of an SAT analogy question, Gotham is to Batman as Smallville is to Superman – a prequel series where we don’t get the costumes, but we do get lots of motivation and character development. The Gotham pilot, which airs tonight on Fox, looks cinematic, and features some strong performances – especially by Donal Logue as a somewhat shifty detective and Robin Lord Taylor as the man who would be Penguin. It’s definitely worth a look.”

- David Bianculli 

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NINJA TURTLES “Into Dimension X” Review (ft. ScrewAttack) : Black Nerd and Nervous Nick from recap “Into Dimension X” from Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles.

Sheinside review: [ x | x ]

Hey guys, I’m back with another Sheinside review yay >u<

This time, I will be reviewing the Apricot Batwing Sweater and the Coffee Batwing Sweater.

Here is the package they came in:

Aren’t my blankets cute haha

Inside the package:

(The skirt will be reviewed later on)

On me:

As you can see, they are the same sweater, just in different colours, so the ratings will be the same.

Shipping: 100% - Shipping was wonderful. The processing and shipping together took about 2-3 weeks and I was given a tracking number so I could track my package. There were no rips or damages in the package.

Quality: 100% - Considering the price of the sweaters, the quality is amazing. Usually, these sweaters would be around $30 in the mall, but for $18.90, it is worth it. The sweaters are comfortable and soft and they didn’t have any loose threads when I got them (I got maybe 1 or 2 now but it’s been a few weeks and my closet is kinda full..).

Design: 90% - I love the design of the sweaters. They’re cute, comfy, and they look good with pretty much anything. They are perfect for Monday mornings (pair them with a pair of jeans) but they can also be dressed up (pair them with a skirt and some stockings). The only thing was that the sweaters have no front or back to them (they look the same on both sides) so the neck area on the back might be a bit low.

Honesty: 100% - The sweaters look exactly like the ones in the stock Thank you for reading my review and thank you Sheinside for the lovely sweaters ♥

The Maze Runner Movie--Win or Fail?


The Maze Runner book by James Dashner was one of my top three reads last year, and I knew about the movie and went to a couple writing classes from Dashner at a conference (he’s a super nice guy) way before that, so needless to say, I’ve been waiting for this movie for a while. At the writing conference, Dashner was fun to hear from because it was just after the movie started production, and he was way excited about it. He was very positive and a bit passionate, and I loved hearing that come out of him.

But when I heard that 20th Century Fox was adapting The Maze Runner movie, I said, “Heck no!” I will never forget what they did to this adaptation:


I still talk about how much I hate the Eragon movie often. Other times I forget it even exists because it was so awful.

But The Maze Runner movie? I loved it.

Does it deviate from the book? Yes. But it was more similar than different. It hit the same points and they had the overall concept of it down. And the changes they did make didn’t irk me hardly at all. But one of the best things about the movie, is that it evoked almost all the same emotions in me that the book did. I was immediately sucked in and felt it all—fear, dread, morbid curiosity, disgust.





Back in my book review, I said that the setting and the plot are what made the book. That’s where the story’s main focus is. Well, the filmmakers exceeded my expectations with the setting. In fact, some of the stuff they added to the setting made me wish that it was in the book also.

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Pop-punk is an odd phenomenon. When bands like Green Day and The Offspring broke big in the mid ’90s, there were legions of sneering punk purists waiting for the fad to fizzle out. Of course, it did, but once these giants of the genre started to fade away, a new crop of bands, led by Blink-182 and backed by major record labels, began to take their place on the cover of Kerrang! and on the walls of teenagers everywhere. When these bands started to lose face, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco took the ball and ran with it, adding eyeliner and melodramatic lyrics to pop-punk’s four-chord repertoire. 

This cycle is likely to repeat forever, because, let’s face it; there is something intangible about pop-punk that appeals to every suburban outcast teenager. The latest pretenders to pop-punk’s paper crown are Gnarwolves, three skaters from Cornwall who have made a name for themselves through the good old fashioned method of touring their collective arse off. It seems to have paid off, as playing at every possible opportunity has caused their audience grow to the point where they are signed to Pure Noise Records and a spot at Reading festival. Could this, the band’s full length debut, be their Dookie or Enema Of The State?

Well, unfortunately for their bank balances, no. This is more of their Kerplunk! or their Buddah. Gnarwolves have not comprised the harder elements of their sound. Don’t get it twisted: Gnarwolves have evolved as songwriters, bringing some of their songs to an almost proggy three minutes, rather than their furious blasts of punk from before. But that big, chartbusting rock album sound is not where Gnarwolves are at now.

That is, of course, a good thing for fans of the bands previous material. Gnarwolves don’t stray far from the path that has brought them the smiling adulation of the UK’s small venue dwelling adolescents and 20-somethings that refuse to grow up. Gnarwolves prove that they have no intentions of shying away from the hardcore influences that made them such a thrilling live act, as the album opener “Prove It”, erm, proves, with its jolting blasts of distorted chords that kick into an appropriately speedy number about getting up off your arse and not complaining. This hardcore influence is perhaps most evident on the hidden track, which is colloquially known amongst the band as “The Hardcore Song”, and is essentially one long breakdown, but the influence is apparent throughout the rest of the album too. The whole of their debut is played at a ferocious pace, which very rarely pauses for thought, and breakdowns are plentiful.

Of course, Gnarwolves have never been a band that is likely to tell you that they “WANNNA SEE SOME PEOPLE MOVING!” in a stupid fake macho American accent. These Cornish punkers still wear their poppier influence like a badge of honour. Gnarwolves love to write a good hook, and they are abundant throughout this album. Perhaps this is most apparent on songs such as the pre-album single “Smoking Kills”, which contains not one, not two, but THREE refrains that rudely kick the doors of that part of your brain that remembers songs in and moves in for a good few days. Meanwhile, “Hate Me (Don’t Stand Still)” packs more memorable vocal melodies into three and a half minutes than some of most of the critically acclaimed albums of 2014 combined. 

Perhaps the music is secondary in a lot of fans mind to the bands lyrics, which tackle every single problem involved with growing up and getting old. Yes, yes, there’s a prevailing sense of overcoming strife in the face of hopelessness, blah blah blah, but what is really amazing is that Gnarwolves have reduced these sentiments into easily shoutable slogans. This is not to discredit Thom Weeks as a lyricist: personally, I think good editing is a great skill to have, especially considering creative people’s predisposition to disappear up their own arse and get lost in metaphors that would make a GCSE poetry student cringe. For example, despite reams and reams having being previously written about using alcohol to escape your problems, nothing is more fitting with Gnarwolves “play it as fast and simply as you can” philosophy than “if we start drinking heavily, the walls might stop shrinking”. Meanwhile, the aforementioned single “Smoking Kills” gets to the root of the bands problems, when Thom declares “we are the product of a broken class but/we weren’t raised to be fucking morons”, which could perfectly sum up the thoughts of a generation trying to find a place for themselves in the midst of a recession.

Despite their lyrics pissed off and often despondent nature, Gnarwolves aren’t exactly advocating Sid Viscious style nihilism: in fact, they put people who give up firmly in their place on “Prove It”, with lines such as “By all means be a slob, lie around and quit your job/life goes on regardless of your protesting that it does”. It is completely unsentimental, but it exactly what tonnes of kids who have had their dreams shafted in the wake of mistakes made by people old enough to know better need to hear. 

In all honesty, there isn’t a lot to say about this music (frankly, you’re a sucker for reading a thousand words about it). It’s simple, to the point, and doesn’t stray too far from the beaten path that was laid out in the 1980s. The thing is, Gnarwolves do what they do very, very well, and are far more deserving pretenders to the pop-punk throne than a whole shedload of other bands that lack the grit to warrant the “-punk” suffix. Gnarwolves have captured the angst of growing up in a raw way that relates more to early Blink and the Descendents than most of the tired old ’90s bands who continue to sing about teenage angst well into their 40s. Ultimately, if you don’t like pop-punk for what it is, this won’t change your mind – but if you do, to use an old cliché, this band could be your life.

I feel like this is overdue..

I ordered a couple tarot readings from arcanemysteries storenvy a couple weeks ago and was astounded.

First simply by the presentation of it.  cosmicmeditations told me when she got hers (by winning 2nd place in his recent giveaway) that it was like reading a magazine article.  I completely agree.  The layout of the reading is fantastic and just overall *nice* to look at. 

The reading itself though?  Ugh.  Perfect.  I asked him about three areas in my life and got amazing insight.  He brought up things that I really don’t talk much about, insecurities and frustrations that I generally keep to myself.  And it wasn’t just the daily annoyances we all complain about; he got right to the source.  I felt like he made this deep connection with me and it was.. I don’t know… it was like a burden being lifted.  That moment when someone truly recognizes the struggles you’re going through.. it’s such a weird sense of relief.  It’s like validation, getting permission to feel the things you’ve been hiding for so long.

And he gave me some really well thought out, useful, and practical advice and prompts, conveniently bullet pointed at the very end of the reading, so I wouldn’t forget it :) 

I would happily recommend getting a reading from arcanemysteries to anyone who asked. 

Arcane, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You’re an amazing and compassionate reader and I appreciate the time, thought, and care you put into my reading. 

Much love <3 <3


anonymous said:

Do you know of any good oitnb fan fiction? If so could you share?

Sorry for the late answer but I wanted to reply a bit better. I’ve read some amazing fanfiction and I definitely want to share them with you.

  • All That Matters by VillageVoice412:  ""I want to be a choice. And you chose Larry. I just can’t fucking walk away. How do you look at the person you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?" Starts during S1Ep13. Vauseman!". This is the first fanfiction I read which was rather long and I don’t reject it at all. It takes place in prison mostly and it’s just really good. I guess this is my favourite fanfiction that really takes place in prison. I’m always happy when I get the message “All that Matters Chapter29” in my inbox.
  • FaeCym and her ‘trilogy’:First part of the “Covers” Trilogy. It is a novel that starts at the immediate end of Season One. I own nothing! I edit sparingly and typos abound. These characters belong to Piper Kerman, and Jenji Kohan. Finished at 100 Chapters! This story is continued “Got This Covered” and then in “Covered in Kisses”. Second season story is called ” Going There”“ This is probably my favourite fanfiction. It’s so good that I just can’t explain. My friend vausemansbitch told me I should definitely read it. We both were hurt during the weeks we read this fanfiction. I’m happy I have this girl to rant to when this fanfiction gets sad or to fangirl with when it’s too FUCKING GOOD FOR WORDS. I mean, it’s so good, it’s so real. It’s just the right amount of angst, fluff and smut. Only thing is: You’re going to get hurt. The feels are taking my life over. Also - And I’m just warning you- it will take loads of your spare time. I wish I didn’t start reading it now I just started school again because it’s rather hard for me not to read fanfiction while I got homework to do. The storyline is the best, it never gets boring and that’s a pretty tough job because the first fic in the trilogy is 100 chapters long. I’m starting today on the last fanfiction of the trilogy and I will definitely let you know my thoughts about it. So my advice: Read this fanfiction! You won’t be disappointed and you won’t reject it. But start reading it in your holidays, instead of in busy schoolweeks.
  • Come With Me by darksideofdeath315: "Taylor and Laura shoot their "love scenes". Was originally a one-shot but reviewer EmilyBeckett41319 made me want to continue on with the story. Love you all. Told from Laura’s point of view. The summary sucks, the story is way better. However, it is possibly poorly written but I’m my own worst critic. Read for yourself." Okay, this is just the best Laylor fanfiction I ever read. If you don’t like the smutty kinda fanfictions you probably shouldn’t read it but I just know you all want to! Only problem: the chapters are rather short. 
  • You Saved Me by Inevitable.Alex.Vause: Alex is being released from prison, but she has to leave Piper behind. Alex is determined to make things right and build a real life for her and Piper. This is Alex’s journey to get her shit together before Piper gets out and then ultimately follows the two on their journey through life after prison…married life and parenthood. Will Contain SMUT” This story is, as far as I can recall, pretty much fluff. I absolutely love the fanfiction! I can’t really say a lot about this story. But you should definitely read this if you don’t want to get hurt by all the sad stuff. 
  • We were boxing the stars by alanabloom: Season Two of OITNB told us over and over that prison isn’t summer camp. But, like…maybe I want it to be. Just for a little while. Hence…camp counselor AU. Piper POV/Vauseman centric, but everyone’s definitely a part of it.” You might all know this AU. I mean, this is just such a good AU. I really loved this story, it’s really humourous too. It’s one of the best AU’s I read. I’m a really bad reviewer I see now, I just don’t know what to say about it. 
  • Welcome to Litchfield High by MaiaKittyMeow: Piper, a straight A student, meets Alex, a rebellious raven haired beauty who wants to break the rules with Piper. Piper wants to get to know this interesting girl. will this turn into a friendship or something more?” A school AU!!! I guess that says enough. It’s really adorable and it’s really humourous. She also likes to use textmessages and they’re just so funny with the weird nicknames they give eachother. It’s really worth your time, I love it! 

Sorry I’m such a bad reviewer! Just send me your favourite or your own fanfictions and I’ll read them if I have the time. I like to share those things with you, so just ask me if you want me to review more :) These were only the ones I could think of right now! 

Get your first month of the Snack Plan FREE :)

Today is PETBOX DAY! Aka my favorite day of the month. Its so much fun seeing how excited my puppies get when they see the blue box!

This month we got (I included the name, price, and the benefits of each product ☺):

1. Loving Pets It’s Purely Natural 100% Natural Dog Treats Chicken Jerky Bone-Shaped Treats ($7.99) - Made in USA. No additives, by-products or artificial preservatives. Glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free

2. Evangers Grain Free Chicken Flavored Food for Cats & Dogs ($18.31) -Single source proteins, Excellent for pets with food sensitivities or allergies, Great for protein rotation diets and dry food toppers Naturally Grain and Gluten Free. Supplemental & great when mixed with dry food.

3. Bionic Bones All Natural Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Nutrient Water for Dogs ($4.95) - Each bowl contains 1000 mg of glucosamine, 105 mg chondroitin, only 12 calories, No preservatives, Packaging is a ready-to-serve bowl that dogs drink from directly. 

4. PetzInfo QR Tag ($12.99) - It’s a tag that you put on your dogs collar. With a scan from any smartphone, the user will be able to access the owner’s info, the pets info, veterinarian info, medical info & a quick & easy way to contact the owner. If your pet goes missing and their QR ID Tag is scanned, you’ll be notified immediately via email and a message on PetzInfo. The PetzInfo site also has a ton of other useful tools for pet owners offered for free.

5. Petsafe Lawn Protector 2 Pack ($14.99) - Lawn Protector Pucks purify your pet’s drinking water and stops urine from damaging your lawn.

6. Bark+ waste pick-up refill bags ($5.98) 

The cost of each box varies from $9.95-$39.95/month. Depending on the plan you get. You can use the code MINNIEKOVU to get 10% off :)

The total worth of this box is $65.21! So you get more than what you pay for plus some, and some really cool products to try.


tumblr: getpetbox