The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath by Sylvia Plath

To say that The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath should be exclusively recommended to Sylvia Plath enthusiasts is a monumental crime. Plath kept journals from the age of 11-30, until her death. Her journals provide a raw insight into her troubled mind and soul. 

Much has been speculated about her life and marriage between the poet, Ted Hughes. There are few writers in the world like Sylvia Plath where every word has a purpose. Her language hits with violence, which is why it is easy to relate to her pain and find her desperation beautiful. 

There is no doubt here that Hughes has been appointed the villain of Plath’s story, during her life and after it. It was only possible to publish a  darker version of her journals after his death. 

What makes Sylvia Plath a seductive writer is her self-obsession. She admired her mind. She pulverized it, rebuild it and analyzed it repeatedly to the edge of frenzy. This proved her to be highly observant, intelligent and vivacious. She is one of the loudest authors to have ever lived. Her mind and prose shape an alarming imagery, ironically easy to catch and digest, no matter how uncomfortable her feelings and thoughts were. She was the author of her mind in the most alluring and venomous way. 

The most difficult opinion to overlook is the common knowledge, that to make great art, one’s heart and mind are often in fire. There is no escape but the art itself. Perhaps if Plath had fewer demons or a tranquil mind, her words would have been less gritty and authentic. Pain is universal, it speaks all languages, even the most foreign language, the one of the body and mind. She was able to decipher her puzzle, which is something to envy. How do I write like this? The truth is, we don’t know, not even Sylvia Plath knew she was the master of self-discovery. Break your heart a couple of times for truth, that’s our advice. 

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Why ZnT is a masterpiece and why more and more series should follow its footsteps

As of now, we may be curling into fetal positions—with the fandom bracing themselves for the impending “feels wreck* that the next episodes might (okay scratch that, “would”) bring to us. I have mentioned yesterday that the staff might just be made up of sadistic people—with Watanabe in the lead. 

So how do we adapt into this “week-long torture of a hiatus”? Let me bet. You’ve been excavating the “znt”, “zankyou no terror”, and of course, the “hisalisa” tag like some mad miner. And like the mad miner that you are, you look for those ores—ores that contain vital information and analysis of the teeniest bits of this series. 

The last time I felt this excited for an anime was towards Deathnote. If you are a fan of this genre, I reckon that you’ve found many similarities between these two. For one, both series are a battle of minds. Two, they belong to the suspense-thriller genre. You literally have no idea what the hell is going to happen next. But then, as much as I recognize the epicness of this masterpiece by the godly Obata-Ohba duo, there is something which makes Zankyou no Terror special, and superior in some aspects.

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Hating Fairy Tail

I really don’t like it when someone says they hate Fairy Tail for no good reason when they 1. Did not watch it, 2. Think it’s a complete fan service anime, 3. That Fairy Tail copies One Piece, and for those who have seen some-1.because there is next to no violence(As in blood and death) in the anime and 2. They can’t take it seriously for 5 seconds. 

Now then, let’s go over why these people are wrong…

1. You can never judge something you haven’t seen, experienced, or tried. Until someone watches more than 10 episodes, they have no good reason to say they “hate it”. Especially if this individual has no clue what Fairy Tail is about. 


2. A lot of folks in the anime fan base call Fairy Tail: Fan Service Fail. Haha, no. For one thing, I am fairly sure these people have never watched it and are complete perverts. You notice that stuff if you are looking for it. And for me, I am not that kind of anime viewer. I personally enjoy Fairy Tail for the cool story arcs, epic battles, and Erza’s awesome moments. Nothing disgusting. However, I cannot completely ignore the fact that yes, it has those things I hate in it. Why? To attract the perverted hentai audiences when this show is nowhere near that category. The business needed to promote it with more sex appeal. Without this trash, oh my god would Fairy Tail be the favorite anime of everyone.

Please understand-anime and hentai are separate things. Nowadays, fans of hentai(Like Yuri/Yaoi, etc.) are confusing them for the same thing. Unlike Kill la Kill, High School DxD, along with the obvious ecchi shows, Fairy Tail has a lot less. I can’t understand why people label it “The Fan Service Anime”. And for the haters’ information, the manga has even less fan service than the anime does. Don’t blame Mashima-sensei. 


3. Fairy Tail is not a complete copy of One Piece! How can anyone say that? Are you telling me the art style is the same? No, it may be inspired by One Piece, but if you say that then you’re saying every anime copied Astro Boy’s art. Let’s not make this into a bigger worthless argument. 

How about the story? No. No one’s goal in Fairy Tail is to become the greatest pirate ever and gain the One Piece. Not a single person in the entire guild wishes to be the greatest “insert profession here”. The concept is so much more creative and fun than One Piece’s. No offense, but it is. You have wizards with different personalities unlike One Piece. I read 3 volumes of the manga and every character felt like the same person! If they were the same person I would have said they were developed pretty well! 


Okay, back on topic…

Fairy Tail involves wizards taking on jobs, fighting with magic, and incredible friendship. I don’t think One Piece is more interesting than that. You take Luffy who wants to be the greatest pirate, pirates, and a treasure called One Piece. That concept doesn’t have much of a future if you ask me. 

For those who have seen some of Fairy Tail but still hate it…

1. So many times in the past, I have heard anime reviewers say Fairy Tail needs blood. And no, not necessarily. Violence can add to a show but it isn’t some requirement. Some shows are better off without it. That way, both younger and older audiences can enjoy it without worrying about gore. I know a friend who can stand Fairy Tail because it doesn’t have blood in it. 

However, this is a good point that I will not dismiss. I could take the anime way more seriously if Natsu was all bloodied up from the fight with Jellal for example. Of course, I am referring to the anime. As for the manga, things are different. There’s blood. And I prefer the manga. I just don’t think an adaption should get complaints for being adapted in a somewhat family friendly way with the original drama still in it. Trust me, nothing is censored the way 4 Kids would. Thank God FUNimation got the rights for the dub…


2. When you see parts of Fairy Tail like the Tower of Heaven arc, you know it gets serious. Simon dies and Jellal makes Erza cry. Cry! Tell me that’s funny. 


To those who say Fairy Tail can’t be taken seriously, I question you-How many episodes have you gotten through exactly? 2? Maybe when you decide to actually watch it, you will know characters die and it gets really serious by the Deliora arc. So much so that a main character almost sacrifices himself to save his friends. Besides the humor, Fairy Tail has to be the most inspiring, fun, epic, and creative anime I have seen. Due to that fact, I want haters to consider what I am about to say… Have you just seen various scenes that happened to have jokes in them? If so, you’re the same as haters with no valid reason, hating stuff because they can. 

Thanks for reading!

Comment your opinions or argue if you want. I try not to be too biased. 

Review of 'Life After Beth' (2014)


Life After Beth is latest film to fall into the specific genre known as a zom-rom-com or Zombie romantic comedy. Dane Dehaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-man 2) stars as Zach, the grieving boyfriend to the recently deceased Beth (Parks and Recreation, The To Do List). In a classic case of “be careful what you wish for”, Beth returns from the dead giving Zach the second chance he never thought he’d get.

Despite digging herself out of 6-foot deep grave Kill Bill style, she returns home completely unaware that she had died. Her parents (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon) do everything they can to keep her from finding out the truth. Zach reluctantly plays along in keeping her ignorant, but eventually she becomes too violent for him to take.

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They’ll fight over it when you are dead.

Funny things happen on the internet.   Not only do I blog but I also run a menswear accessories company.  Because of that I am constantly learning about new technologies, new products, and everything else that can help me sell.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the internet and had Googled “best leather maker in America.”  Saddleback Leather was the top ranking page so I decided to have a gander.  From the tagline to the heartfelt founders story, everything about this brand is amazing.

The above is the Side Pocket Duffle and it is worth it’s weight in gold.  I brought it along on my trip to Los Angeles this weekend and I’ve been stopped several times already.