It’s just a downer head canon in the back of my mind, but since I got into it, I couldn’t shake the feeling MH was an allegory for chronic illness, mental or physical, maybe even addiction.

The Operator’s wave of interaction with its victims, its omnipotence and unavoidable interruptions of your life, its frightening mystery, the inability to reach out to others about it because you don’t know what they’ll do after knowing, the constant fear you’ve been spreading it to others via contamination, the never-ending, useless running, no clear answers available on how to solve it, the dreaded post-healing relapse or disease comeback, awful symptoms day in and day out, paranoia even when it’s dormant or fading, looking back at the past and seeing how healthy and bright and sunny and enjoyable it was, before signs of the advancement creeped up, looking back and realising how obvious its progress was, watching others drop like flies from the same issues, thinking over what you could’ve done to prevent it and eventually considering it your destiny to be afflicted forever onward

I think the point that drove that connection home for me was when Tim says, “I was getting better!

Instant chronic illness heartbreak moment